Always Been Yours Chapter 1186

Feng Shenye found out and immediately questioned, “What did you think of?”

“I previously thought that there was someone behind these companies and purposely checked the relationship between them and found nothing unusual, but the connection that the president told me just now made me realize that they were more or less cooperating with Mu.”

Xu spoke out the thought that had just flashed through his mind.

When these words came out, Feng Shenye’s face didn’t look too good, “How come this also has something to do with Mu’s, have you checked carefully, how much of this is Mu’s handiwork?”

“I only found out about this just now, I haven’t had time to investigate, I just think it could be a coincidence, or it could be an accident.”

Xu raised his eyes to look over.

Feng Shenye directly retorted in a deep voice, “There can’t be such a coincidence in this world, and if there is, someone is behind it!”

“Then why don’t I go check on Mu again?”

Xu asked cautiously.

Feng Shenye nodded, “Apart from Mu, you should also check what Mu Wanxian has been up to these days.”

Hearing this, Xu was a little surprised.

“Is the president suspecting that this was done by Mu Wanxian?”

“Is it, you’ll know if you investigate.”

Feng Shenye looked over with cold eyes.

Xu nodded his head and turned to leave.

But he was hesitant about this matter.

After all, Mu’s situation was enough to make Mu Wanxian anxious, so could it be that this woman could still be distracted from playing tricks?

It didn’t take long for the results of the investigation into Mu Wanxian’s case to come out.

Xu returned to the office and reported, “President, Mu Wanxian has been saving the company’s losses during this period of time and does not seem to have the energy to deal with Wen’s.”

Feng Shenye wrinkled his brows.

Did he think wrong?

This thought had just appeared, but he denied it.

He believed that there was no such coincidence in the world, there must be something that he had overlooked.

“You tell me all the things that Mu Wanxian has done recently.”


Xu nodded his head and then told them about Mu Wanxian’s recent trip.

It was just at this time that Feng Shenjin came in from outside.

When he heard Xu’s words, he raised his eyebrows in surprise and then looked towards Feng Shenye strangely, “Brother, what’s the situation, why are you starting to pay attention to Mu Wanxian, aren’t you afraid that my sister-in-law will be sad if she finds out?”

“What are you talking about?”

Feng Shenye crossed his eyes coldly and explained, “During this period of time, Wen’s was targeted by many companies, and these companies had more or less cooperated with Mu’s.”

“So you suspect that it is Mu Wanxian who is behind this.”

Feng Shenjin answered while sitting dangling on Feng Shenye’s desk.

Feng Shenye nodded, “But Xu didn’t find any evidence about Mu Wanxian’s directive, so I suspected if I missed any clues, so I asked him to report in detail.”

“In that case, Xu, you go on, and I’ll help keep an eye out together.”

Feng Shenjin instructed to Xu.

Xu nodded his head and continued what he had just interrupted to say.

A few minutes later, he finished reporting in detail on Mu Wanxian’s itinerary for the past few days, still not finding anything unusual.

“President, could it be that this matter really wasn’t done by Mu Wanxian?”

He voiced out the thought in his heart.

Without waiting for Feng Shenye to open his mouth, Feng Shenjin snatched it up and said, “That’s not necessarily true, although Mu has been back in China for a short period of time, the contacts accumulated in the past can be far greater than those you’ve investigated.”

“That’s right, Mu’s is indeed not simple.”

Feng Shenye strongly agreed with his brother’s viewpoint.

According to reason, if it were an ordinary company, it would have started to go downhill or even go bankrupt after a scandal like that.

Yet Mu’s had remained unscathed until now.

Xu also reacted at this time and frowned, “But the matter on Wen’s side, right now there is no evidence to prove that it was Mu Wanxian who did it.”

“You’re thinking out of the box here, just because there’s no evidence doesn’t mean it’s not her, a person of Mu Wanxian’s stature may sometimes not need to do anything before someone comes forward and takes the initiative to solicit this matter and cause an obstacle for her to Wen Jingchen.”

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