Always Been Yours Chapter 592

“That’s pretty much what happened.”

“Song Ruhua, are you out of your mind?!”

At the other end, Song’s father stood up from the sofa in shocked anger after hearing Song Ruhua’s words.

Next to him, Song’s mother was startled to see her husband so angry.

Although she also felt that her daughter had acted impulsively, she couldn’t help but speak up: “Well, why are you so angry, since Ruyou has already done it, it won’t help if you get angry now?”

Hearing Song’s mother’s words, Song’s father was even more furious.

“What kind of words are you saying? Do you know how much of a crisis this matter that Ruyou has done will bring to our Song Group?!”

He glared at Song’s mother in annoyance and scolded, “A loving mother has many spoiled children, Ru-pao is spoiled by you like this!”

Song’s mother’s face snapped at the rebuke, and she was somewhat unconvinced.

“Saying it as if you’re not spoiled?”

She disliked back with discontent.

Song’s father choked on his words, holding back a face that turned red.

Seeing this, Song mother stopped ignoring him and snatched the phone over, barking at Song Ruhua on the phone, “Since Feng Shenye is looking for you everywhere, find yourself a place to hide abroad and don’t return home for a short time.”

“I know, just don’t let it slip on your end either.”

Song Ruhua explained over the phone uneasily.

Song mother nodded, “Don’t worry, your father and I will keep saying that we don’t know your whereabouts, wait for some time, when Feng Shenye’s side’s anger is removed, then you can come back.”

“What about the company?”

Although Song Ruhua thought her mother’s idea was good, she knew Feng Shenye.

If that man couldn’t find her, he would definitely take his anger out on the Song family.

Song Ruhua’s mother also knew Song Ruhua’s worries and said with relief, “Don’t worry about the family, if Feng Shenye gets angry at the Song family because he can’t find you, let your father go and find Feng Tianyi.”

“Is it useful to find Uncle Feng? Didn’t Uncle Feng say before that he didn’t care about the group’s affairs?”

Song Ruhua was still uneasy.

After all, after such a long period of contact, she knew that once Feng Shenye had decided something, it would be very difficult to change it.

Song mother said confidently, “Don’t worry about that, your father has been liaising with Feng Tianyi these days, as long as we bite the bullet and say we don’t know, for the sake of the past, Feng Tianyi will definitely stop Feng Shenye and won’t make things too difficult for the Song family.

On the other end, Song Ruhua felt that her mother’s words were quite reasonable, and she put her heart down.

After the call hung up, she sat on the sofa with a gloomy face, hating her teeth.

Feng Shenye was really not going to give up on herself, she had to get out of this D*mned place before this man found her!

At the same time, she blamed all this on Wen Shiyu!

“D*mned b*tch, when I get through this, I won’t let you get away with it!”


Feng’s Group branch, in the president’s office.

Feng Shenye was sitting in his black suit in his desk dealing with the company’s affairs, his handsome and charming features were extremely lacking in expression.

At this time, Xu Yan knocked on the door and walked in.

He stood in the middle of the office and respectfully reported, “We’ve searched all the hotels and motels in this area, but there’s no sign of Song Ruhua.”

When these words came out, Feng Shenye’s face turned gloomy without any surprise, and a cold aura emanated from his body.

“It’s been two days and you can’t even find a woman, are you guys trash?”

He stared at Xu Yan with an unfriendly expression, his eyes as sharp as a sharp sword.

Xu Yan felt the pressure in the air and felt his scalp tighten, forcing his teeth to chatter as he reported, “I’ve already had someone hack into the road surveillance system, but no suspicious person was found, so I guess Song Ruhua should have gone to that other area. I believe there will be results tonight at the earliest.”

That evening, in the hotel room.

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