Always Been Yours Chapter 600

At that, Wen Shiyu was in tears.

She poked Feng Shenye’s sturdy chest and said with a smile, “What do you take me for, a commodity?”

“You are not a commodity, you are my future wife, and I am investing in my future wife, again, now that my future wife is working so hard, I naturally cannot stand by and watch, so I want you to take it with you and work hard together, so that even if I am not by your side, having it with you will represent that I am by your side.”

Feng Shenye held Wen Shiyu’s hand that was playing tricks on his chest, and his voice was indescribably magnetic and nice.

Wen Shiyu’s ears were all crispy from listening to it.

She gazed down at Feng Shenye, her pretty almond eyes full of smiles, her heart both touched and feeling sweet.

“You are too good to me too.”

Wen Shiyu smiled and took the initiative to put her arms around Feng Shenye.

As they met, a sweet and creamy aura emanated from their bodies.

The two of them were in the same room.

“But it’s not yet.”

Wen Shiyu lost her smile, and the scarlet on her face grew deeper and deeper, as if it could drip blood.

Feng Shenye looked at the girl’s shy appearance, and his eyes suddenly deepened a few points.

“Sooner or later, I will be.”

With those words, he wrapped his arms around the girl’s thin waist and slowly leaned forward to kiss the girl’s soft lips.

Wen Shiyu closed her eyes and responded pa*sionately.

The night was enchanting and lovingly enchanting.


The next morning, Wen Shiyu accompanied Feng Shenye’s father and son to have breakfast and then went to the orchestra training as usual.

However, she did not carry the new violin that Feng Shenye had given her.

The main reason was that she didn’t want to be too flashy, and the other reason was that the violin was too precious, so she wanted to bring it with her when she performed on stage one day.

Arriving at the orchestra later in the evening, Wen Shiyu had just walked through the door when Mona’s cheerful voice came to her ears.


Wen Shiyu looked over at the sound and saw Mona trotting towards her with a big smile on her face.

She curled her lips in response, noticing that this girl seemed to be in a very good mood every day.

After some shushing and chilling, the girls went to their respective practice rooms.

After a few days of bonding, the second band’s understanding was getting better and better.

But occasionally, someone would still make a mistake.

Among them was also Wen Shiyu.

Whenever this happened, Frank would first explain it to the group members himself.

If there was a problem that he couldn’t coordinate, he would ask Hathaway to come over and coach them personally.

At this time, the group members were particularly attentive to their lessons.

This is because Hathaway is very strict in her teaching.

At the same time, the country’s southern city.

I don’t know when the news about the Feng Group suppressing the Song Group started to circulate on the internet.

The general content was pretty much that the Feng family was taking revenge on the Song family because of the failed marriage alliance with the Song family.

When netizens saw this information, they ate melons to their heart’s content.

After all, the Feng family and the Song family were famous giants in their southern city.

They usually have a hard time seeing these gossips, so there were a lot of people paying attention.

There was a lot of buzz on the internet for a while, and some people slammed the Feng family for it.

“Are all the rich people nowadays so ruthless? Without a marriage contract, they have to suppress people to death?”

“I heard that the Feng family and the Song family have been friends for a long time, and just because they can’t join in marriage, they’re cutting off their friendship, is this a plastic friendship?”

“Isn’t this Feng family too graceless? If the marriage doesn’t work out, it’s not necessary to drive people to their death like this.”

Some netizens felt that the Feng family had done wrong, while there were also sensible netizens who analysed the situation online.

“I think you can’t just look at the gossip to draw a conclusion on such matters, since the Feng family and the Song family are old friends, there must be another reason for this mess, as the saying goes, the sale is not a benevolent one, a big and powerful family like the Feng family can’t be so small-minded.”

As soon as these words came out, they were immediately echoed by many sensible netizens.

It wasn’t long before another wave of mockery rose up online, taking advantage of the opportunity to smear the Feng Group.

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