Always Been Yours Chapter 620

Even so, it was a delight to Hathaway.

She quickly had someone bring in tables and chairs and put the guzheng on the table.

On Wen Shiyu’s side, she had already put on her fingertips and settled down straight away.

The crowd looked at her and waited with bated breath.

With a ‘clang’ sound, the clear and quiet sound of the zither rang out.

A song called ‘The Fishing Boat Sings at Night’ was slowly played out.

The crowd listened intently, unknowingly attracted by the beautiful melody, and could not help but close their eyes to appreciate it.

At this moment, the beautiful melody conjured up a beautiful picture in many people’s minds of the sunset reflecting on the blue waves, the fishermen relaxing and the fishing boats moving far away with the waves.

Everyone was amazed by this song.

What shocked them even more was that apart from playing the violin so well, Wen Shiyu also played the guzheng so superbly.

At the end of the song, everyone gave an applause.

There were even quite a few people who could not get enough of it.


“What about Hathaway, I’m tempted to dig in your face now.”

“What kind of luck have you got, even if your daughter is excellent, the students you’ve taken on are so good too!”

Hearing everyone’s praise and envy, Hathaway was immensely proud.

She intimately stepped forward and took Wen Shiyu’s arm, laughing, “Our family Shiyu is just that good, you can’t envy her.”

Looking at her villainous look, many people were crying and laughing.

The scene was harmonious.

At this time, someone else asked, “Miss Wen, you know how to play the guzheng, then do you know how to play this pipa, I see that both instruments play ancient tunes, the skills should be similar, right?”

At these words, Wen Shiyu was about to respond when Pei Shixi’s gentle voice came to her ears.

“I am slightly proficient in this one.”

“Seh-hee, you know how to play the pipa?”

Kathleen was stunned.

Wen Shiyu also looked at Pei Shixi in amazement.

After all, the pipa was an instrument that was mostly learned by women, so she didn’t expect Bae Sehee to know it.

Looking at the curious gazes cast by the crowd, Pei Shixi smiled and explained, “I was curious before, so I’ve been specialising in the instrument of country X for a while, perhaps I can give you all an ensemble to help you.”

After finishing his words, his starry eyes fell on Greenhouse Rain, “I wonder if Miss Wen would like to play another piece of ‘High Mountain Flowing Water’ with me”

“Of course.”

Wen Shiyu naturally wouldn’t refuse, and after smiling and answering, she turned around and sat back down in front of the guzheng.

In a short while, two different tones filled the sky above the banquet, the range of tones constantly jumping and feeling ethereal, sometimes with heavy ba*s tones, fading in and out, it was indescribably beautiful.

Everyone was unconsciously drawn to the melody and closed their eyes to listen.

But the only one of these people was not Kathleen.

She watched the two in perfect harmony, gritting her teeth, wanting to eat Wen Shiyu, her inner resentment churning.

After the song was finished, thunderous applause rang out once again.

“You guys worked together perfectly, I was completely captivated by your playing.”

“Bae Se Hee, you really gave us a great surprise tonight.”

“A very nice piece of music.”

The crowd praised Wen Shiyu and Pei Shixi.

The two of them were very modest.

At this time, someone couldn’t help but ask curiously, “Miss Wen, do you know many musical instruments?”

Wen Shiyu nodded, “Apart from piano, violin, some of our country’s famous instruments, I basically know a little bit of them.”

Kathleen was very uncomfortable when she heard this.

“What’s there to brag about when you learn a variety but not a lot.”

She couldn’t help but mock, only to find that her mother and Pei Shixi were casting a slightly off look, before she regained her composure and realised her impulsiveness, “I mean, but any musician, for other instruments, more or less has to know something, it’s nothing to make a fuss about.”

Wen Shiyu looked at Kathleen, who was forcing herself to defend herself, and didn’t give it a second thought, saying indifferently, “Kathleen is right, it’s my fault.”

When the others saw how modest Wen Shiyu was, they became even more appreciative of her.

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