Always Been Yours Chapter 626

Thinking of this, he put on a serious face and said, “I know this is your band’s first appearance in front of everyone and you take it very seriously, I still say that I support you in chasing your dreams, but you can’t let me worry about it.”

“Don’t worry, I have a sense of proportion and won’t wear myself out.”

Listening to the man’s concern between the lines, Wen Shiyu smiled sweetly.

However Feng Shenye was very uneasy about this portioning of her.

“I will keep in touch with the housekeeper about your situation, if I know that you disregard your health condition and wait for me to pa*s, see how I will fix you.”

“Am I that unsettling to you?”

Wen Shiyu cried and laughed, but her heart was warmed.

Because she knew that the man cared about her, that’s why he paid such attention to her health.

Feng Shenye gently glanced at her and said quietly, “Who told you to have a previous record.”

“……” Wen Shiyu couldn’t retort for a moment and said with a smile, “I didn’t think that being busy would not only enrich me but also prevent me from thinking nonsense.”

Looking at the gagging girl, Feng Shenye’s originally serious face finally revealed a light smile.

Wen Shiyu seized the moment and hurriedly changed the subject.

“Is Bao’er alright? I haven’t been able to find the right time to call him these days, I miss him so much.”

“Bao’er also misses you a lot, he chants about going to you every day.”

Speaking of the little one, Feng Shenye showed a helpless expression, “This kid is changing his ways day in and day out in order to go to you.”

When Wen Shiyu heard these words, she knew that father and son had been fighting at home.

Thinking of the famous scenes of this big and small boy fighting with each other in the past, she held back her laughter and advised, “Bao’er is still young now, you should not be too serious with him, there are many things we can reason with him, he will understand.”

“I know.” Feng Shenye nodded, “I told him that coming over to you now would only distract you from fulfilling your dream properly, and he settled down.”

At these words, Wen Shiyu felt happy to have Feng Shenye and Little Bao’er.

The two of them spoke for a while longer before Feng Shenye urged Wen Shiyu to go and rest.

After all, it was already late at night over in Vienna at this time of night.

“I’ll go and rest then, good night.”

Wen Shiyu was indeed a bit tired, so she hung up the video and went to rest.

Feng Shenye put down his phone and prepared to continue working as well.

But not long after, the mobile phone he had placed on the table rang, and it was Lu Yunxin’s a*sistant calling.

“Mr Feng, our lady has woken up.”

After being in a coma for a week, she had finally woken up.

Feng Shenye nodded his head, “I know, I’m going over now.”

After speaking, he hung up the phone and had Xu Yan prepare a car to go to the hospital.

When he arrived at the hospital, he learned that Lu Yunxin had been transferred from the intensive care ward to the VIP ward.

In the ward, when Lu Yunxin saw Feng Shenye had come over so quickly, her face immediately lifted into a wide smile.

“You’re here.”

Feng Shenye looked at the frail woman on the hospital bed and nodded lightly, “How do you feel?”

“It doesn’t feel like anything is wrong, it’s just that the wound hurts, all over my body.”

The last two words, Lu Yunxin carried a hint of a petulant tone.

With her pale cheeks at the moment, one could not help but feel pity for her.

Unfortunately, Feng Shenye was indifferent.

His tenderness was never only for Wen Shiyu.

“I learned about what happened this time from Chi Yan, with your ability, you shouldn’t have made such a lowly mistake.”

Looking at the man who was talking about this mission in a serious manner, Lu Yunxin’s smile froze on her face.

This was an image she hadn’t expected in any way.

Seeing her in such a difficult situation, did this man not even care a little?

Even if he was a normal person, he should have cared a few words, right?

But this man actually …… talked to her in a businesslike manner about the reason for the mission failure.

Is he really not listening, or is he pretending not to understand?

When she thought of this, Lu Yunxin grabbed the bed sheet underneath her and looked inquiringly towards Feng Shenye.

Unfortunately, as always, the man’s handsome and charming face was devoid of any expression, making it impossible for her to see through.

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