Always Been Yours Chapter 638

Xiao Bao’er looked at Wen Shiyu with a face begging for praise.

How could Wen Shiyu refuse and gave Xiao Bao’er a flying kiss across the screen.

“mua~ Aunty is waiting for you to come over to perform.”

Seeing this, little Bao’er’s shy little face flushed slightly.

He grabbed the phone with both hands and said in a milky voice, “I want to give a kiss to aunty too.”

After he finished speaking, he beamed his little pink mouth and made a kissing gesture to the phone.

Wen Shiyu was directly adored.

“Bao’er, how can you be so cute?!”

She shouted, kissing the little guy again through the screen.

The two of them were so mushy that they completely ignored Feng Shenye.

Looking at the little one and the big one in front of her, glued through the screen, Feng Shenye sat next to her with a smile on his lips, his eyes full of doting.

It was only after a while that Wen Shiyu and Xiao Bao’er finished getting along.

At this time, Feng Shenye finally took the phone back from Xiao Bao’er’s hand.

He looked at Wen Shiyu’s slim cheeks, heartache surfaced in his eyes, “Take care of your body and eat well.”

The face that was already palm-sized looked even thinner.

“I know, don’t you worry.”

Wen Shiyu looked at Feng Shenye with a full gaze, the smile on her lips was sweet.

When Feng Shenye heard this, he was helpless and a little angry, “Every time you say you know and will take care of yourself, but then you turn your head and forget again.”

“This time I promise I will take good care of myself, and the most tiring training period, is already over.”

Wen Shiyu knew that Feng Shenye was heartbroken, so she softly coaxed the man, “Then again, the teacher also said that you can slow down and train during this period.”

Hearing these words, Feng Shenye once again showed a smile.

Of course he wasn’t really angry, he just wanted to let Wen Shiyu know that he attached great importance to her health.

Looking at the man who was smiling again, Wen Shiyu immediately changed the subject, “Tomorrow I plan to take the violin you and my brother gave me to Master Louis for a maintenance.”

“That’s fine, have the butler send you there then.”

Feng Shenye nodded his approval.

The two of them then talked for a while before Wen Shiyu urged Feng Shenye to go and rest.

After all, it was already late at night in the country.

Feng Shenye was indeed a bit tired, so he took Little Treasure and Wen Shiyu to say goodnight to each other before hanging up.

After putting down the phone, Wen Shiyu simply packed up and went to the orchestra training with her violin case on her back.

The next evening, after she finished training with the orchestra, she went to Louis’ estate with three violins.

“Why did you come over?”

Louis looked at Wen Shiyu with some surprise.

He did know that Wen Shiyu was very busy these days, even she used to come to his place every rest day, but she hardly came because she was busy these days.

“I’m here today because I have something to ask Master.”

Wen Shiyu smiled and placed the violin cases in his hands on the table in order.

Seeing this, Louis gave a soft hum of deliberate disgust, “I knew you wouldn’t come for no reason.”

Even though he said that, he still got up and walked over, “Don’t tell me these three violins are all broken.”

“It’s not broken, it’s not broken, I just want to ask the master to help me take care of it.”

Wen Shiyu hastily clarified for himself, and then opened the violin cases in turn.

In a flash, three violins of different styles, but beautifully crafted, caught Louis’s eye.

The last violin, in particular, immediately excited Louis when he got a good look at it.

“This is Stradivarius’ violin!”

He looked at Wen Shiyu in disbelief.

As an outstanding violin repairer, he was definitely familiar with the world famous violins.

Especially a famous violin with characteristics like the Stradivarius violin, that was definitely the heart of every violin lover.

Louis had heard that someone had collected this model of Stradivarius, but he never expected it to be here.

He stroked the surface of the violin and couldn’t help but look at Wen Shiyu, “Can I try to play it?”

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