Always Been Yours Chapter 649

When Shang Wenyao had settled down, Feng Shenye said goodbye, “Get some rest and call me if you need anything else.”

After leaving, because it was on the way, Feng Shenye also sent Lu Yunxin back.

However, the whole time he exuded an air of rejection.

Lu Yunxin could see it too, but she didn’t want to waste this rare opportunity to be alone.

Then again, she also wanted to explain what she had said at the restaurant.

She didn’t want Feng Shenye and herself to become estranged.

“Shenye, what I said in the restaurant before, I actually didn’t mean anything else.”

Unfortunately, no matter how much she said, Feng Shenye seemed to have not heard her, leaning back in his chair and closing his eyes, as if he was asleep.

As Lu Yunxin watched, she was angry and aggrieved, and more than anything, she regretted it.

She should not have made this stinky move.

It didn’t take long for the car to pull up in front of the villa, and Lu Yunxin had no choice but to get out of the car even if she was reluctant.

After she got out of the car, Xu Yan drove on towards Di Jing Lan Yuan.

During this period, Xu Yan secretly glanced at the CEO through the rear-view mirror and wondered if the CEO was really asleep.

But isn’t it true that the president doesn’t let his guard down when there are outsiders?

He was not aware that Feng Shenye just did not want to pay attention to Lu Yunxin, but his upbringing did not allow him to act rudely, so he simply pretended to sleep and pretended that this person did not exist.

When he returned later in the evening, Feng Shenye found the house surprisingly quiet.

“Uncle Chen, where’s Bao’er?” He asked with a sideways glance.

Uncle Chen said truthfully, “The young master is asleep.”


Feng Shenye was a little surprised and looked down at the time to see that it was only just past nine o’clock.

He frowned with worry, “Is Bao’er not feeling well?”

As he spoke, he walked towards Bao’er’s room with large steps.

After all, in the past, only when Bao’er was not feeling well would he sleep so early, otherwise with this little one’s energy, he would definitely toss and turn until around ten o’clock before going to rest.

Seeing this, Uncle Chen knew that the young master had misunderstood and hurriedly went after him to explain, “Young master, the young master is not sick, it was the young lady who played a lullaby for the young master at night and the young master fell asleep while listening to it.”

At these words, Feng Shenye paused in his steps with a lost smile.

Even so, he finally went to look at Little Treasure.

In the children’s room, little Bao’er was sleeping soundly.

Feng Shenye tenderly tucked in the covers before turning around and returning to the main bedroom.

After some washing up, he called Wen Shiyu on the video phone.

Wen Shiyu’s cheeks flushed slightly when she saw the handsome man on the screen wearing a robe and baring a large pectoral area.

Feng Shenye also saw the girl’s scarlet cheeks, his eyes brimming with light, knowingly asked, “Why is your face so red, are you uncomfortable?”

Wen Shiyu coughed lightly, as if she was hiding something, “I’m not uncomfortable, it’s because the room heater is turned up too high.”

After saying that, she hurriedly changed the subject and asked, “Why did you come back so late tonight?”

Seeing this, Feng Shenye knew that any further teasing would annoy the girl, so he complied and changed the subject.

“In the afternoon, my boss who used to help me quite a lot came over and I went to give him a reception.”

He spoke generally about the evening get-together.

Wen Shiyu was concerned, “So have you been drinking?”

Knowing that the girl was worried about her drinking too much wine causing her dark illness to flare up, the corners of Feng Shenye’s mouth lifted up in a nice curve.

“I drank some, but not much.”

He then turned to ask about Wen Shiyu’s situation in Y, “Are you used to being in Y these two days?”

“It’s alright, just a little uncomfortable with the food, I ate badly when I first arrived, but I’m fine now.”

Wen Shiyu also gave a general account of her situation there, and finally looked at Feng Shenye with a bright smile on her face, “I am now motivated just by the thought that I will soon see you and Bao’er.”

Feng Shenye lost his smile.

The two of them talked for a while longer, before Wen Shiyu urged Feng Shenye to go and rest.

Feng Shenye did not insist, and after exchanging good nights, he hung up the phone.

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