Always Been Yours Chapter 652

“The last time I contacted Team Shang, he was in Lincheng, so I deduced that Team Shang should have disappeared in Lincheng.”

Feng Shenye’s brows knitted slightly, “What about positioning? I remember that everyone in the team has a locator placed.”

“The locator can’t be traced, it seems to be blocked.” Lu Yunxin shook her head and said worriedly, “Shenye, I think it’s better for us to act as soon as possible, I suspect that it might be the enemy’s nest.”

Feng Shenye pondered for a moment, but agreed with Lu Yunxin’s proposal.

He then contacted Shang Wenyao’s team and agreed to meet on the highway out of the city, planning to rush to Lincheng overnight.

After these arrangements were made, Feng Shenye also prepared to leave.

Before leaving, he explained, “Go back and rest, and contact me anytime if you have additional news.”

Lu Yunxin nodded her head, and again admonished uneasily, “You also pay attention to safety.”

Feng Shenye nodded coldly, turned around and got into his car to leave.

Looking at the fading car, Lu Yunxin’s face showed a winning smile.

She turned around and went back to the villa, called Chi Yan to her room, and with a shining light in her eyes, she ordered, “You go and find some people to create some trouble and obstacles for Feng Shenye on his way to rescue him, don’t want his operation to go so smoothly.”

“Isn’t this too risky, what if Feng Shenye notices?”

Chi Yan was a little worried.

Lu Yunxin’s eyes were austere and her voice was deep as she said, “Then you should do it in a stealthy manner, don’t let them notice!”

Seeing this, Chie Yan knew that he could not change his boss’s mind, so he could only follow his orders and go.

A few hours later, Feng Shenye drove to Lincheng and met up with Shang Wenyao’s deputy, Jiao Anshi.

This was a very capable and spirited burly man, wearing combat fatigues and looking unusually serious.

“Team Feng.”

He called Feng Shenye by the name he once used in the team.

Feng Shenye nodded his head, his thin lips lightly parted as he asked, “What clues do you have now?”

“We found the place where the Shang team disappeared, and we can confirm that someone kidnapped the witness and deliberately lured the Shang team to the suburbs, I had someone survey the place, the terrain is very complicated, there are cliffs and cliffs, rashly sneaking in may lead to an a*sa*sination.”

“Show me the map.”

At that, Jiao Anshi immediately asked his team members to bring the map and pointed to a place and said, “This is the place where Shang’s team disappeared.”

Feng Shenye looked at the place Jiao Anshi pointed at and his eyes narrowed slightly.

After a few moments, he memorised the terrain in his mind and said at once, “There are four roads up the mountain here, divide some of the men into four teams and search the mountain from different directions, all of them keep in touch with each other at all times, while the rest of the men should be prepared to stand guard at the bottom of the mountain and support at any time.”

At these words, Jiao Anshi immediately led his men to search the mountain according to Feng Shenye’s arrangement.

Feng Shenye stayed at the hotel and waited for news from Jiao Anshi.

He sat on the sofa with a sullen look on his face, thinking about the disappearance of the Shang team.

As a rule, only members of the team knew the whereabouts of the Shang team.

Could it be that there was a mole?

The more Feng Shenye thought about it, the more he thought it was possible, and his face looked very bad.

If that was the case, then the Shang team was afraid that they would fail in their mission this time, and they would definitely be punished when they returned.

Thinking of this, Feng Shenye’s eyes sank slightly.

The Shang team had helped him a lot in the past, if he didn’t know about this matter, then he wouldn’t care, but now that he already knew about it, he couldn’t just sit back and do nothing.


Feng Shenye called for his men and ordered in a cold voice, “Go and find out who around Shang Wenyao has been behaving abnormally during this period of time.”

“Boss, this is an official person after all, would it not be good for us to check?”

The handlers showed hesitant expressions.

Feng Shenye hesitated.

Indeed, he was now a supernumerary, and it was indeed somewhat inappropriate to investigate this matter.

Just as he was about to contact Jiao Anshi to explain the situation, another subordinate respectfully knocked on the door and walked in.

“Boss, Miss Lu’s henchman Chi Yan requests to see you.”

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