Always Been Yours Chapter 671

Feng Shenye also put away his low mood and looked over with a gentle light smile at the corner of his mouth, “Up?”

Although he hid it very well, he was still detected by Wen Shiyu somehow.

“What’s wrong, it feels like you’re not happy.”

Wen Shiyu walked behind Feng Shenye and swirled down to intimately circle the man’s neck.

Wen Jing Chen looked at the intimate two and laughed derisively, “Brother-in-law now regrets that he wasn’t able to be there to watch your performance in person.”

“What’s wrong with that, there will be a long time to come, there will be another chance later.”

Wen Shiyu lowered her eyes slightly and persuaded, “The most important thing now is, the injury you have, get well sooner, I am also relieved.”

Feng Shenye raised his hand to hold Wen Shiyu’s hand back and nodded gently, “I know.”

Later in the evening, the two of them had breakfast.

Because Wen Shiyu had taken time off from work with Hathaway, she stayed home with Feng Shenye to help with the company’s work.

Little Bao’er also stuck to Wen Shiyu’s side and was very obedient in not making a fuss.

Looking at his sister who was busy for his brother-in-law, Wen Jingchen spoke somewhat tastily, “Sister, I still have a lot of work left to do on my side too, why are you just helping brother-in-law and not helping me?”

“Even you want to eat this jealousy?”

Wen Shiyu pouted and glared at Wen Jingchen, “When you get injured and sick like your brother-in-law that day, I’ll help you like this too.”

At this time, Little Bao’er also came up to Wen Jing Chen’s side, a small adult tone, “Uncle Jing Chen, auntie is tired enough helping my daddy, you have to be more understanding, you see I didn’t even mess with auntie.”

After hearing this, Wen Jing Chen burst into tears and laughter.

Just like this, a line of people in the study busy, occasionally chatting a few words, the atmosphere is very harmonious and warm.

In the blink of an eye came noon.

Shortly after eating lunch, Wen Shiyu asked Feng Shenye to take a lunch break.

“Now that you are injured, you should lie down more and rest.”

She chanted as she helped Feng Shenye back to his room.

Feng Shenye slightly tilted his head sideways, his eyes gentle as he looked at the girl’s delicate side face, “Then you stay with me.”

He spoke close to Wen Shiyu’s ear, his hot, wet breath causing Wen Shiyu’s cheeks to flush, but she did not refuse.

When they returned to the room, Feng Shenye hugged Wen Shiyu and lay down on the bed.

As they had no desire to sleep for the time being, they talked about family matters.

But as they talked, Feng Shenye’s eyes began to look at Wen Shiyu in a different way.

He had little self-control over Wen Shiyu, and now his nose was filled with the fragrance of the girl’s body, so it was impossible for him to sit still.

He lowered his head and captured the soft lips, lingering on them to the utmost.

Wen Shiyu also tilted her head in response, but that was all.

She wouldn’t let Feng Shenye do anything while he was still injured.

The two of them panted and separated.

Feng Shenye was all lust and tried to get benefits for himself, “Actually, this injury is fine for me.”

“No, don’t even think about it.”

Wen Shiyu refused with a resolute face.

Feng Shenye was helpless.

At this time, the mobile phone he had placed at the bedside rang, it was Lu Yunxin calling.

His eyes turned cold and he cut the call off.

Wen Shiyu noticed Feng Shenye’s change in mood and asked curiously, “Who’s calling, why aren’t you answering?”

“There’s no need to pay attention to people who don’t matter, just rest.”

Feng Shenye did not want to mention Lu Yunxin to spoil the fun and coaxed Wen Shiyu to sleep.


The other end, the country.

Lu Yunxin was hung up on the phone, her face gloomy.

She was also worried about Feng Shenye’s health, but she didn’t want Feng Shenye’s disgust for her to be so undisguised already that he wouldn’t even answer the phone.

“Why did it turn out like this ……”

She reluctantly put the phone down, and couldn’t understand what she had done wrong.

If Feng Shenye had hated her for what happened in the ward earlier, but she was only trying to fight for someone she liked, she didn’t see what was wrong with that.

Why, why would that man rather choose someone else than her?

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