Always Been Yours Chapter 676

Feng Shenye was a little unhappy, but he let go.

Because he knew that if he forced Wen Shiyu to stay, little Bao’er would definitely mess with him in the morning.

Walking out of the room, Wen Shiyu was a little surprised to see Little Treasure standing at the door.

“Why are you squatting here, Bao’er?”

“I was afraid that bad daddy would hog auntie again, so I waited here for auntie.”

The little one thought of what had been cut off by his own daddy before, and there was some wrath on his little face.

Wen Shiyu was crying and laughing, but it was sweet to her heart.

She then took the little one back to the children’s room and helped him take a bath herself.

In the dusky room, the little one was snuggled up against the bed.

Wen Shiyu read a bedtime story in a soft whisper.

When one story was finished, she looked down at the little one in her arms, already asleep at some point, his pink little mouth slightly puckered and adorable.

“Good night.”

Wen Shiyu gently kissed little Bao’er’s forehead, then turned off the light and hugged the little one to sleep.


The next morning, Wen Shiyu got up with little Bao’er, Feng Shenye was still awake.

She also wanted to let the man sleep a little longer, so she took Little Treasure to have breakfast first.

During the meal, Little Treasure mysteriously approached Wen Shiyu, “Auntie, I just saw that the flowers in the back garden are all in bloom, it’s very pretty, after we finish eating later, I’ll take you to see them, okay?”

Wen Shiyu naturally would not refuse the little one.

After eating breakfast, the two of them went to the back garden.

The flower room was quite large, and there were quite a lot of expensive flowers planted inside, staggered and clearly tended by someone with great care.

Smelling the faint scent of flowers in the air, Wen Shiyu only felt relaxed and happy.

It was especially nice to see a blooming flower with dew drops on its petals.

“Auntie, it’s for you.”

Little Bao’er plucked a red moonflower from somewhere and handed it to Wen Shiyu as if offering it as a treasure.

Wen Shiyu liked it very much and suddenly had an idea in her heart.

“Bao’er, let’s pick some flowers to decorate the room.”

“Sure, what flowers do you want to pick, I’ll help you.”

Little Bao’er was very positive looking at Wen Shiyu.

With that, the two of them picked a bunch of flowers and went back to trim them, intending to put them up.

In the living room, Wen Shiyu was trimming the flowers alone.

It was time for Xiao Bao’er’s cla*s and she was studying with her tutor in the upstairs room.

Wen Shiyu also planned to finish the flower arrangement later, and then go to call Feng Shenye to get up for breakfast.

At this time, the doorbell rang outside.

Uncle Chen went to open the door.

“Miss Lu?”

He saw Lu Yunxin standing at the door with a food box in her hand and faintly stared, “You’re here to find Young Master, right, Young Master is still resting.”

“It’s alright, I can wait for him in the living room.”

Lu Yunxin said, and walked into the hall.

Once inside, she caught a glimpse of Wen Shiyu sitting on the side hall table arranging flowers, and inexplicably felt somehow familiar, but didn’t think much of it, mistaking it for a maid, instead she thought this little maid was quite good looking.

Wen Shiyu did not know what was going through Lu Yunxin’s mind.

When she saw that a guest had arrived, she immediately stopped what she was doing and intended to greet the guest first.


She looked at Lu Yunxin with a smile.

Lu Yunxin nodded lightly, “You go about your business.”

Wen Shiyu blinked, before she could react, Lu Yunxin’s voice rang in her ears once again.

“Have you just arrived? I haven’t even seen you before.”

“It’s just arrived yesterday ……”

Wen Shiyu responded with a decent smile, then saw that there was still no tea in front of Lu Yunxin.

Just as she was about to ask someone to prepare tea for Lu Yunxin, she was interrupted before the words came out.

“It arrived yesterday, so go about your own business and ignore me.”

After Lu Yunxin finished speaking, she also stopped caring about Wen Shiyu and picked up a magazine to the side and read it.

Seeing this, Wen Shiyu raised her eyebrows slightly, wondering if this lady was a bit familiar with herself.

Of course she didn’t expect Lu Yunxin to misunderstand her identity.

In the end, she didn’t say anything and turned around to continue tidying up the flower branches that hadn’t been pruned yet.

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