Always Been Yours Chapter 678

Unfortunately, Feng Shenye was indifferent and said coldly, “Thank you.”

Lu Yunxin was very unhappy and finally dropped her eyes on Wen Shiyu.

She looked at the girl’s delicate features and her white jade-like skin, and she couldn’t help but feel deadly jealous at the bottom of her eyes.

Although she had paid attention to maintenance over the years, the long years of training had made her skin much rougher than that of ordinary girls.

Even so, she still felt that Wen Shiyu was not good.

After all, being good-looking didn’t mean anything else.

Although she didn’t think so inwardly, she still raised a light smile on her face, “I didn’t expect you to be the person that Shen Ye has been hanging on to, hello, I’m Shen Ye’s friend Lu Yunxin, and also Shen Ye’s closest partner.”

As she spoke, she extended her hand and took the initiative to walk over towards Wen Shiyu.

Wen Shiyu raised her eyebrows slightly and shook it back, leaving it at a touch.

Of course, she was not stupid, and naturally heard the other party’s hint just now.

She smiled and naturally took Feng Shenye’s arm, saying graciously, “Hello Miss Lu, I am Shenye’s fiancee, first time meeting, nice to meet you.”

Lu Yunxin nodded blandly, but her heart could not be happy.

The word “fiancĂ©e” that Wen Shiyu said was a headache for her.

It seemed that this woman was not as harmless as she appeared to be, she still had a bit of heart.

Thinking, she turned her words around and inquired, “Is Shen Ye going to have breakfast, I’ll have someone set it out.”

Listening to her boisterous words, Wen Shiyu frowned inscrutably.

“Has Miss Lu eaten yet? Do you want to join us?”

At those words, Lu Yunxin’s eyes were slightly cold.

Because of Wen Shiyu’s words, she had fallen down again, invisibly putting their identities starkly up.

She was the guest, while Wen Shiyu was the master.

Even so, Lu Yunxin could only suppress her anger and agree.

Because she did not want Feng Shenye to be alone with this woman, Wen Shiyu.

In the bright dining room, Wen Shiyu had her own breakfast set out.

Of course she hadn’t forgotten what Lu Yunxin had brought.

“What would Shenye like to eat? I’ll serve it for you.”

She looked at Feng Shenye tenderly.

Feng Shenye returned her gaze with a smile, “I want to drink the congee you cooked.”

Wen Shiyu nodded and gave him a bowl of congee.

As for the breakfast that Lu Yunxin brought, Feng Shenye didn’t even look at it.

Lu Yunxin secretly gritted her teeth as she watched their cozy interaction.

At this time, when Wen Shiyu saw that she did not move her chopsticks for half a day, she greeted her with a smile, “Miss Lu, eat too, don’t be polite.”

Looking at Wen Shiyu with the appearance of a hostess, Lu Yunxin sulked even more in her heart.

She was not willing to be outdone, and when she saw that Feng Shenye had not yet paid for the breakfast she had brought, she pushed the plate over.

“Shenye, try this, it tastes very good.”

However, Feng Shenye turned his head to the girl beside him as if he hadn’t heard him and said in a warm voice, “Aren’t you going to eat some?”

“No, I’ve eaten with Bao’er before.”

Unexpectedly, just as Wen Shiyu’s words fell, little Bao’er had already finished her lesson and came bouncing down from upstairs.

“Daddy you’re up, are you feeling a bit better?”

His eyes were full of concern as he looked at Feng Shenye.

At this time, he also saw Lu Yunxin, his smile faded a little, but he still called out politely, “Good morning Auntie Lu.”

“Good morning, Bao’er.”

Although Lu Yunxin did not like this child, she still had to put on an act on the surface.

Little Bao’er nodded and didn’t want to pay any attention to her.

He turned his eyes to look at Wen Shiyu, and the smile on his face became bright again.

“Auntie, the teacher taught me to draw just now.”

He ran towards Wen Shiyu happily, then jumped directly into Wen Shiyu’s arms, tilted his little head and said in a milky voice: “I drew a family of three, with you, daddy, and me, look.”

As he said that, he spread out the picture in his hand and handed it to Wen Shiyu like a treasure.

Wen Shiyu smiled as she picked it up and found that the drawing was really good.

On the paper, the lines were simple and childish, but the colours matched well.


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