Always Been Yours Chapter 682

On hearing this, Feng Shenye did not refuse, but only because of Shang Wenyao’s face.

After Shang Wenyao left Di Jing Lan Yuan, he went to the villa to see Lu Yun Xin again.

“What’s the Shang team doing here?”

Lu Yunxin was a little surprised and greeted Shang Wenyao as he sat down on the sofa.

During this time, Xiu Lan came over and served tea and then retreated.

Shang Wenyao picked up the cup of tea on the table and took a sip, saying with concern, “How is your recovery from your injuries?”

“Much better, don’t worry, Team Shang.”

Lu Yunxin responded with a smile.

Shang Wenyao nodded, “It’s good that you’re fine, I came over here this time to tell you that I’m going back to the organisation in a few days for a briefing, you’ll be coming with me then.”

Hearing these words, Lu Yunxin’s smile instantly froze on her face.

Luckily, she quickly came back to her senses and thought that Team Shang couldn’t have said that for no reason at all.

After all, he had previously approved of her staying over here to recuperate from her illness.

“Team Shang, is it Shen Ye’s intention that you take me away?”

“We have disturbed Shen Ye for a long time during this period, now that you are quite well, follow me back.”

Shang Wenyao did not deny it.

But Lu Yunxin did not want to go, and said with a frown, “But that’s not what you said before.”

“At that time, I saw that you didn’t want to leave, so I went along with the situation, but now you can’t stay any longer.”

Shang Wenyao saw through Lu Yunxin’s thoughts at a glance and persuaded, “Besides, Shen Ye has a fiancée now, so you should just give up.”

“Am I that unappealing to him?”

Lu Yunxin’s heart felt very bad, jealousy was growing in her heart, “What is better about that woman than me?”

Shang Wenyao’s brows knitted together and he looked at Lu Yunxin with some concern.

He was a little worried that this child would be too stubborn and do something irreparable, “Yun Xin, don’t be too stubborn, and don’t push Shen Ye any further.”

“I’m not.” Lu Yunxin subconsciously retorted.

Shang Wenyao said soberly, “Whether you have or not, you know Shenye’s nature best, he dislikes people using tactics to force him.”

At these words, Lu Yunxin very much bit her lower lip.

“I just want to fight for my own happiness, is that even wrong?”

She reluctantly raised her eyes towards Shang Wenyao, her beautiful eyes had already accumulated a watery glow of resignation.

Seeing this, Shang Wenyao let out a secret sigh.

He had almost never seen such a tender Lu Yunxin before.

In his impression, Lu Yunxin had always been strong and powerful, just like a tomboy.

He also understood that Lu Yunxin really, really liked Feng Shenye.

But if you like it again, you miss it, you miss it.

“Yun Xin, there’s nothing wrong with you liking Shen Ye, but Shen Ye doesn’t like you and already has his own fiancée, so you shouldn’t pester him.”

After finishing his words, Shang Wenyao did not want to continue this topic, and turned his words around and said in a business-like manner, “Besides, your failure in this mission is ultimately your own emotional problem.”

Hearing these words, Lu Yunxin was a little weak and lowered her eyes, avoiding Shang Wenyao.

Shang Wenyao pretended not to see through it, his voice deliberately harsher by a few points.

“Because your private emotions affected the subjective judgement of the mission, mindful that you were also injured, so you were only given a demerit and not reported, but I hope that in the next few days, you can clean up your mood and rejoin the team, and I don’t want a second time for this incident, in short, you should calm down and cool down in these few days.”

At those words, Lu Yunxin didn’t say a word.

Her dark eyes were filled with resentment under her long, slender eyelashes, and her mood was as bad as it could be.

In Di Jing Lan Yuan.

After Feng Shenye sent Shang Wenyao away, Wen Shiyu immediately greeted him.

“Shenye, did something happen?”

She was worried that Feng Shenye had been called to help by Shang Wenyao again, just like before.

Feng Shenye could see Wen Shiyu’s worry and smiled lightly to rea*sure her, “It’s fine, the Shang team just came over to say goodbye, and this time Lu Yunxin will also leave.”

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