Always Been Yours Chapter 694

“I… I was just joking.”

She explained dryly, trying to dispel this idea of Feng Shenye.

After all, if she really let this man toss and turn casually, she would definitely die of exhaustion in bed.

Feng Shenye watched the girl blush to the roots of her ears, the corners of her lips hooked slightly with a hint of evil, and said softly, “But I took it seriously.”

At those words, Wen Shiyu’s face became even redder, as if it could drip blood.

At the same time, she knew in her heart that this man would definitely do what he had agreed to do, so she could only use stalling.

Although she didn’t think this would be of much use, she could delay it for a while.

“So what, the injury on your body is still not healed, the doctor said that you can’t exercise strenuously.”

Feng Shenye smiled gently, knowing that the girl was planning to stall this matter.

Unfortunately, he was unwilling.

“Who says my wound isn’t healed, I think it’s already healed, after all, it didn’t even come back in the afternoon didn’t it?”

Feng Shenye brought up what happened in the lounge in the afternoon, directly making Wen Shiyu unable to refute it, and even more so, making her feel like her little life was at stake tonight, so she planned to run away.

“So what, the medicine is done, I’ll go see if Bao’er is sleeping.”

With those words, she dropped the ointment and tried to run.

But before she could take a step, she was yanked by Feng Shenye’s wrist, then with a fierce pull, she pulled her whole body into her arms, then with a roll over, she was pinned underneath her.

Wen Shiyu had no time to react before her lips were blocked.

Four lips pressed against each other, domineering with tenderness that one could not help but sink into.

In the end, Wen Shiyu didn’t know how many times she was wanted, so tired that she didn’t even have the strength to open her eyes.

Feng Shenye, on the other hand, had an insatiable look on his face as he wrapped his arms around Wen Shiyu and said in a warm voice, “Go to sleep, I won’t disturb you anymore.”

Wen Shiyu didn’t even hear what Feng Shenye said clearly.

She nodded her head haphazardly and fell asleep in a daze.

Before she drifted off to sleep, she was still a little thankful in her heart that her little life had been saved.

This time, she slept until noon the next day.

When she woke up, Wen Shiyu’s body was so sore that she grimaced as if she had been dismantled.

She glared angrily at the position beside her.

That was where Feng Shenye was sleeping, but there was no one there now.

Just thinking that this man could still get up early today made Wen Shiyu feel very sad and unfair in her heart.

Especially when she thought about how she had been tossed around until she begged for mercy last night, but that man kept tossing and turning as if he didn’t know how to be satisfied.

“D*mn it, you won’t be touching me next.”

Wen Shiyu punched Feng Shenye’s pillow in anger, as if she was beating Feng Shenye himself.

And her child-like action was just in time for Feng Shenye, who pushed the door in, to laugh out loud.

“What’s going on here, did the pillow make you angry?”

Wen Shiyu didn’t expect Feng Shenye to suddenly come in and see her childish actions just now, she was so ashamed and annoyed that she wanted to burrow into the ground.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the man slowly walk over to her, wrapped in the blanket and twisted her head, looking like she didn’t want to pay attention to people.

Feng Shenye didn’t care, sitting directly next to Wen Shiyu, his voice was indescribably gentle, with a faint smile, “Okay, don’t be angry, get up and eat your lunch.”

“I don’t want to care about you.”

Wen Shiyu said, wrapped in the blanket and moved to the side, using her actions to show her attitude.

Feng Shenye lost his smile a little, and found such a gambling Wen Shiyu very cute and new.

He had never seen such a childish side of Wen Shiyu before.

All along, Wen Shiyu had always been strong, independent and working hard for her dreams in front of him.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but rise up with a teasing thought, “If you don’t get up again, I don’t mind helping you get dressed, only you also know that I have little self-control over you, by then if I can’t help it, on impulse, and ……”

Before he could finish his sentence, Wen Shiyu wrapped herself in the blanket and turned around violently.

“I’m exhausted like this, and you still want to come.”

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