Always Been Yours Chapter 705

Wen Jingchen nodded his head and thanked him, “Thank you brother-in-law.”

After a while, Wen Shiyu began to collect the needles for her brother.

Little Bao’er also came over and watched curiously.

Just as she finished collecting the needles, the mobile phone she had placed on the table thought up, and it was Hathaway calling.

“Teacher, what can I do for you?”

“Shiyu, how is your fiancĂ©’s injury?”

“Thank you for your concern, teacher, he’s almost recovered.”

“In that case, pack up and get ready to go back to Vienna, after all, you are the chief violinist, you can’t be absent for too long, or else the other players will have a problem, and then again, starting next month, your second troupe will be performing in other countries, there are several performances, and you need to come back to cooperate with the training.”

Hearing this, Wen Shiyu agreed with her teacher even though she couldn’t let Feng Shenye and the others go.

“I know, I will rush back as soon as possible.”

After finishing her words, she hung up the phone.

When Feng Shenye saw her lost look, he pulled her to his side and sat down, asking, “What’s wrong?”

“Teacher asked me to go back in the next two days.”

Wen Shiyu didn’t hide anything and gave a general description of the situation.

Feng Shenye and Xiao Bao’er immediately showed their reluctance.

Little Bao’er hugged Wen Shiyu, her voice muffled, “I don’t want Auntie to go.”

Wen Shiyu smiled and gently patted the little one’s back comfortingly, “It’s okay, auntie will come back later when she’s free.”

In fact, she was also sad to leave.

But the good thing was that Feng Shenye’s injuries had mostly healed, so she didn’t have to worry about it.

When Wen Jingchen heard that Wen Shiyu was leaving soon, he was also very sad to leave.

“When is sister planning to leave? I’ll send you to the airport.”

When these words came out, Feng Shenye and Xiao Bao’er also looked towards Wen Shiyu.

Wen Shiyu thought for a moment and said, “Let’s leave tomorrow.”

At this, Little Treasure pouted and said pitifully, “Can’t Auntie stay for a few more days?”

“I’m afraid that if I stay any longer, I won’t be able to leave.”

Wen Shiyu pinched the little one’s cheeks and promised, “In the future, whenever auntie is free, she will often come back to see you, and when you miss auntie, you can also ask your dad to bring you to auntie.”

Little Bao’er was still unhappy, but he didn’t say anything else.

Because he knew that his auntie leaving would not change.

After Wen Shiyu had calmed the little one, she turned her eyes to her brother and admonished, “After I’m gone, you have to remember to eat on time and go for regular check-ups, I’ll ask your brother-in-law to help me supervise you.”

Wen Jingchen naturally agreed to everything.

Xu because Wen Shiyu was leaving tomorrow, everyone was in no hurry to go and rest this evening.

Especially Little Bao’er, who was obviously already very sleepy, but still clung to Wen Shiyu.

Wen Shiyu was crying and laughing, but she still coaxed the little one to bed.

Later in the evening, after she had coaxed the little one to sleep, she returned to the living room and found that Feng Shenye was the only one there, so she inquired, “Where is Jing Chen?”

“I sent him to rest.”

Feng Shenye said as he went up and led Wen Shiyu back to her room.

After all, Wen Shiyu would be leaving tomorrow and he didn’t want to let the others waste the little time they had alone.

A night of warmth.


The next day, after having breakfast, the group went to the airport.

When boarding the plane, Xiao Bao’er hugged Wen Shiyu and cried very hard.

There was even a moment when Wen Shiyu wanted to say she wasn’t going to leave.

Luckily, her reason overcame the impulse.

“Bao’er don’t cry, auntie will come back to see you whenever she is free.”

Wen Shiyu hugged little Bao’er and coaxed her gently.

It took a while for the little one to be coaxed by her.

It was then that Wen Jingchen stepped forward and explained, “Sister is abroad alone, make sure you take care of yourself.”

Wen Shiyu nodded, her gaze falling on Feng Shenye.

“I’ll go over to keep you company when I have time.”

After finishing his words, Feng Shenye dropped a kiss on Wen Shiyu’s forehead and whispered, “Take care of yourself and don’t let me worry.”

Wen Shiyu nodded her head, then turned to leave.

Only when they could not see her figure did Feng Shenye, father and son and Wen Jingchen leave the airport.

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