Always Been Yours Chapter 709

One of the most respectful things is that the old man once demolished huge sums of money to buy many antiques from abroad that were stolen back then and then donated them to the country for free.

Because of this incident, netizens have sent their blessings to the old master on the internet.

Wen Shiyu also knew about this matter and pondered whether to send some of the old master what ……

Through media reports about the old man, Wen Shiyu knew that the old man liked to collect antiques.

The only thing is that she has to go somewhere to buy authentic antiques?

For this matter, Wen Shiyu was preoccupied for the past few days.

Mo Na noticed something and couldn’t help but be concerned, “Shiyu, did something happen to you? I see that you have been distracted from training for the past two days.”

“There’s an elder in the family who’s having a birthday, and I’m more into antiques, so I was wondering where there’s an antique auction house in Vienna.”

Wen Shiyu didn’t hide anything and gave a general description of the situation.

Unexpectedly, her words were overheard by Pei Shixi who came over.

“I do know that there is an auction party tonight.”

Hearing this, Wen Shiyu and Mona looked over in surprise, “Teacher Pei, when did you come.”

“Just as you guys were talking just now.”

Pei Shixi responded with a smile, his eyes looking tenderly at Wen Shiyu, “If you’re free in the evening, I can take you to the party.”

Wen Shiyu was naturally free.

Originally, Mona wanted to go too, but unfortunately she had something to do.

That evening, in a five-star hotel.

Wen Shiyu was wearing a silver-grey evening dress, a white mink fur camisole draped over her shoulders, her dark hair coiled behind her head and her face painted with delicate make-up.

She stood beside Pei Shixi with a light smile on her lips, a natural elegance in every move she made.

As soon as the two appeared, their distinctive oriental faces immediately attracted the attention of many people.

A few of the musicians who knew each other from the bar recognised Wen Shiyu and came forward to greet her.

“Miss Wen, we meet again.”

“Hello seniors.”

Wen Shiyu responded politely.

Pei Shixi was no stranger to these musicians either and nodded with a smile.

After a few pleasantries, the auction was officially announced.

Pei Shixi took Wen Shiyu to sit in the first row of the guest seats.

On the stage, the host spoke humourously and cheekily in his opening remarks.

Within a short while, the atmosphere was mobilised by the host.

Then the auction for the first item began.

It was a piece of jewellery made of the finest Eastern pearls, which immediately won the hearts of the noblewomen in the audience as soon as it appeared.

The noblewomen shouted for more and more and the final bid was three million euros.

The next items were also more expensive than the next.

Rare jewellery, all sorts of out-of-print items.

The atmosphere was electric.

Wen Shiyu was also amazed, but there was nothing she liked.

She was in no hurry and waited quietly, occasionally whispering to Pei Shixi about the other items on the stage.

Later in the evening, the host finally named an item that caught Wen Shiyu’s eye.

“The following item to be auctioned is an isolated book of poetry pa*sed down from X country, old and collectible, with a starting price of seven hundred thousand euros.”

As the host’s words fell, the lady of ceremony took the lone book to the stage and displayed it.

The bidding was different from the previous bidding.

This time there were very few bidders.

Because many people saw the outside of the orphan book as old and felt that it was not very meaningful to collect.

Unbeknownst to them, the value of the orphan book is extraordinary.

So there were those who knew what they were bidding for.

“One million euros.”

“One million two hundred thousand euros.”

“Two million euros.”

“Two million six hundred thousand euros.”

The competition was fierce.

Wen Shiyu didn’t care and continued bidding, “Three million euros.”

Listening to the increasingly high bids, some people who were not optimistic about the orphan book also joined the bidding.

The bidding finally reached five million, before the others gradually stopped.

But Wen Shiyu did not give up, “Five million seven hundred thousand.”

As soon as these words came out, those who had originally bid five million euros gave up.


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