Always Been Yours Chapter 713

“Yes, let them young people get in touch with each other more.”

This people have recommended their daughters to the old man.

Those girls also guessed the purpose of this banquet in their hearts, and one by one, they looked at Feng Shenye and Feng Shenjin in a delicate manner.

But most of the eyes fell on Feng Shenye.

They were more attracted to Feng Shenye’s aura of indifference than to the gentle and polite Feng Shenjin.

Feng Shenye did not look away from the girls’ secret glances.

It was Feng Shenjin who had his head turned upside down.

Now he finally knew what his grandfather was up to.

This was not a birthday banquet, this was clearly a matchmaking event!

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but look towards his brother, and found that his brother wasn’t surprised at all.

“Brother, did you already know what grandpa was going to do?”

Feng Shenye gave him a sidelong glance, and although he didn’t say anything, the look on his face already said everything.

Although they did not like the old man’s good decisions, the two brothers still accompanied him as he dealt with the guests that kept coming around.

During the midway break, Feng Shenye also finally found the opportunity to question the old man.

“What do you mean by tonight?”

“Whatever you understand it to mean, that’s what I mean.”

The old master finished and coldly snorted, “Since you are unwilling, then I will help you.”

At those words, Feng Shenye’s face darkened, and the air pressure around him dropped a few degrees.

When Feng Shenjin saw that the situation was not right, he was afraid that his brother would throw his face away, so he hurriedly went over and said in a small voice to soothe him, “Just listen to what grandpa says, anyway, if you don’t approve of those women, there is nothing grandpa can do for you.”

“Feng Shenjin, what are you saying to your brother?”

The old man narrowed his eyes at Feng Shenjin, his eyes were quite stern.

Feng Shenjin was a bit vain and rubbed his nose sarcastically, “No, I didn’t say anything.”

The old man looked at him twice, not knowing what had occurred to him, and said, “I have your brother here, so I don’t need you, so go help your parents entertain the guests.”

Feng Shenye and Feng Shenjin both heard the meaning of the old master’s words.

He had made up his mind to give Feng Shenye a match, and as for Feng Shenjin, a burden, he did not want to bring him along.

Feng Shenye looked straight at the old man and also made his attitude very clear.

“No matter how many arrangements you make, you are still wasting your efforts.”

As he was speaking, another pair of grandchildren came in at the door.

The older one was a long-time friend of the old man, Mr. Mu, who had been settled abroad for a long time over the years.

The girl beside Mr. Mu, named Mu Wanxian, had been cla*smates with Feng Shenye when she was a child.

This time, she originally accompanied her grandfather to pay respects to his ancestors, but she did not expect to catch up with the old man’s birthday, so they rushed over here on purpose.

When they arrived in front of the old man, Mr. Mu apologised, “Something came up during the day, so I’ve delayed coming until now.”

“I’m happy that you’re here.”

The old man happily patted Old Mr. Mu’s shoulder and sighed, “So many years have pa*sed in a flash.”

As he spoke, his eyes fell on the girl beside Old Mr. Mu, smiling amiably, “This is Wanxian, isn’t it? You’ve grown more and more beautiful after not seeing her for so many years.”

“Grandpa Feng, happy birth anniversary.”

Mu Wanxian graciously responded to the old man, every move she made was full of a lady of the house, just like her name, serene and elegant.

“Good, good.”

The old master said two good words in a row, which showed how highly he was satisfied with Mu Wanxian.

He looked at the gentle girl in front of him, and then at Feng Shenye, who was so poised beside him, and felt that they were a good match no matter how he looked at them.

“Shenye, why don’t you greet your Grandpa Mu and Wanxian?”

He urged Feng Shenye.

Feng Shenye nodded slightly, “Old man Mu, Miss Mu.”

Old Mr. Mu looked Feng Shenye up and down, his eyes amazed, “I often heard people abroad say that your Shenye is better than blue, but now that I see him, he really is a dragon among men, even more elegant than you were back then!”

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