Always Been Yours Chapter 715

At these words, Feng Shenye looked down at the little one in his arms, and seeing his twinkling eyes, where did he not understand what the little one meant.

“Bao’er is right, Miss Mu is a guest, there is no reason to let guests play with the child.”

Feng Shenye once again politely refused Mu Wanxian, and at the same time distinguished between the two.

The smile on Mu Wanxian’s face froze as she gripped her handbag, not knowing what to say.

She looked at the father and son who were ready to leave and gently bit her lower lip in a warm voice, “But you’re gone, I’m not familiar with anyone here ……”

“Miss Mu don’t worry, I will let my a*sistant come over to receive you.”

The words were said, Feng Shenye had someone call Xu Yan over.

Xu Yan was also dressed very handsomely today.

He respectfully walked up to Feng Shenye’s side and asked, “President, is there something wrong?”

Feng Shenye pointed at Mu Wanxian and instructed, “This is Miss Mu, you can accompany her for a stroll around.”

Xu Yan nodded and took orders, and gently invited Mu Wanxian, “Miss Mu, please come this way with me.”

Mu Wanxian did not move.

She looked somewhat sadly at Feng Shenye’s back as he left with little Bao’er.

After leaving, father and son found a place where no one was around to sit down.

At this time, Little Bao’er struggled to get down from Feng Shenye.

As soon as he stood firmly on the ground, he put on a small face and began to lecture Feng Shenye.

“Daddy, you were very bad just now, you clearly promised Auntie that you wouldn’t let other women come near you.”

“You don’t even know that just now the others misunderstood when they saw you standing with that woman, don’t forget that you still have auntie, if auntie heard these words, how sad she would be.”

“Although auntie is not here now, I will monitor you properly for auntie.”

Looking at the little one who said and screamed seriously like a little adult, Feng Shenye couldn’t help but laugh.

When little Bao’er saw the smile at the corner of daddy’s mouth, his pretty eyebrows tightened up and he stressed with great dissatisfaction, “Daddy, I’m talking to you very, very seriously, no laughing.”

Feng Shenye lost his smile again, but after seeing his son’s angry expression, he quickly coughed lightly to cover up, “I know.”

Feng Shenye took Little Treasure to play with him for a while before returning to the banquet hall.

When the old man saw the two of them returning, he reprimanded them in a good-natured manner, “I told you to take care of Wanxian properly, but you’re so kind as to leave her to the a*sistant.”

“Great grandpa, you can’t blame daddy for this, it was Bao’er who wanted daddy to play with Bao’er.”

Little Bao’er couldn’t watch his daddy being lectured, so he quickly stood up for himself, pouting at the old man.

Faced with his most precious great-grandson, the old man could not be angry, and his face returned to a kind smile in no time.

The banquet went smoothly throughout the evening.

Finally, it was time for the gift-giving session.

Feng Tianyi and his wife gave the old man a pair of crane and pine pictures painted by an ancient master.

“I wish father a long and prolonged life.”

“Good, have a heart.”

The old man smiled as he allowed Housekeeper He to accept the gift.

Next came the two brothers, Feng Shenye and Feng Shenjin.

They gave the old man jade and antiques respectively.

The old man was very happy and smiled as he asked the housekeeper to accept them.

Originally, at this time, Feng Shenye should have retired with Feng Shenjin and let the others come up to present the gifts.

But Feng Shenye stood still and did not move.

“Shenye, do you still have something to do?” The old man asked.

Feng Shenye nodded and took out another exquisite gift box and handed it over, “This is a gift prepared for you by Shiyu, she knows you like these ancient poems and specially found this lone copy of the poetry collection.”

When the old man saw the lone book, he actually liked it quite a lot in his heart, but thinking that it was prepared by Wen Shiyu, his face deliberately showed that he didn’t like it very much.

Feng Tianyi and his wife also frowned.

When the others saw this, they were also curious as to who this Shiyu was.

The atmosphere froze a little.

Little Bao’er sensed that Grandpa Zeng did not seem to like the gift from his aunt and immediately trotted over.

“Grandpa Zeng, don’t you like these the most, put them away quickly.”

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