Always Been Yours Chapter 723

On hearing this, Wen Shiyu did not refuse.

Because she was indeed a bit uncomfortable at the moment.

Later on, when she arrived at the hospital, Wen Shiyu had already developed a fever and her whole body seemed to be roasting on the fire.

The driver did not dare to slow down and hurriedly helped her to find a doctor.

Seeing this, the doctor immediately examined Wen Shiyu and prepared her for treatment.

During this time, the driver could not help, so he stood outside the examination room and called Feng Shenye to report the situation.

“Young master, young lady has been found.”

“Where did you find her?”

“In the young lady’s orchestra’s practice room.”

The driver gave a general account of what he had learned from Hathaway earlier, “At that time, Young Madam was locked in the practice room, but when I look at the situation, I think it is more like Young Madam was maliciously locked in there, and the other party not only turned off the heating, but also turned on the cold air.”

At the other end, Feng Shenye’s face was unsurprisingly very ugly after hearing the driver’s words.

He asked in a deep voice, “Then how is the young lady’s situation now?”

“When I drove Young Madam to the hospital just now, she had some fever, and the doctor is doing an examination now.”

“I understand, keep an eye on the young lady’s situation and keep me posted.”


The driver nodded his head and took orders.

On this side of the examination room, the doctor took Wen Shiyu’s temperature while routinely asking a few questions.

After a few minutes, he withdrew the thermometer, looked at it and said, “There’s some fever, but since you were frozen under the cold for a long time, you need to do a blood test to see if there’s anything else going on.”

Wen Shiyu didn’t know anything about this, so she did whatever the doctor arranged.

Soon, a nurse came over to draw Wen Shiyu’s blood.

I don’t know if it was because of the blood draw, but Wen Shiyu’s already pale face seemed to have turned even whiter.

Ten minutes later, the test results came out.

The doctor frowned at the test results in his hand.

Seeing this, Wen Shiyu’s heart thumped, “Doctor, was something wrong detected?”

“That’s not true, it’s that lady you are pregnant, so for the next treatment, we can’t give you medicine to reduce your fever.”

The doctor looked at Wen Shiyu with a smile as he held the checklist.

The driver didn’t hear this because it was through a wall.

And after Wen Shiyu heard the doctor’s words, her whole body was stunned.

“You’re saying I’m pregnant?”

The doctor nodded, “The test data shows so.”

Wen Shiyu couldn’t believe it.

How was this possible?

It was clear that she had always taken safety precautions when she was with Shen Ye, so how could she suddenly ……

While she was stunned, she was also a bit at a loss for what to do.

Because this child, at all, was not in her plans.

And she didn’t even know how to tell Shen Ye about it.

She was not prepared at all ……

Wen Shiyu froze in her chair.

The doctor didn’t notice her complicated feelings either and smiled, “Congratulations, mother-to-be.”


Wen Shiyu came back to her senses and could only pull the corners of her mouth to say thank you.

The doctor nodded and explained, “The good thing is that your condition isn’t serious, so you just need to go back and simply do a physical temperature reduction, after all, it’s not good to take medicine when you have a baby.”

“I know, thank you doctor.”

Wen Shiyu thanked her again, and after that, she left the examination room.

The driver saw her coming out and immediately went up to her, “Young lady, are you alright?”

“I’m fine, it’s just a common cold.”

“The young master is very worried about you and asked you to call him back when you come out.”

The driver saw that Wen Shiyu indeed did not look like she was not alright, and after breathing a sigh of relief, he relayed Feng Shenye’s explanation.

Wen Shiyu nodded her head and led the driver out of the hospital.

After getting into the car, she took out her mobile phone and made a video call to Feng Shenye.

On the screen, Feng Shenye’s handsome face was an unconcealed worry, “What did the doctor say?”

Listening to the man’s words of concern, Wen Shiyu’s somewhat uncertain heart finally settled down.

She sweetly curled the corners of her mouth and smiled, “I’m fine, it’s just a common cold, the doctor said that physical cooling would be fine.”

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