Always Been Yours Chapter 725

“Kathleen, how did you get like this?”

Hathaway couldn’t believe that such vicious words were coming out of her daughter’s mouth.

Cathleen couldn’t help but feel resentment when she saw her mummy looking at her with disbelief.

“How did I get to be like this, shouldn’t that be a question for you?”

“Ask me what, am I the reason you’re the way you are?”

Hathaway found Cathleen unbelievable.

Kathleen immediately mocked back, “You are the reason, and I really want to ask you now, do you even know who your daughter is?”

She took a step forward and approached Hathaway, letting out all the anger that had been piling up for a while, “Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if that b*tch Wen Shiyu is actually your daughter and I’m the one you picked up from outside!

“Do you know what the people in the band are saying about me now? They even say that I am not as good as Wen Shiyu, I tell you, I just hate her extraordinarily now, I hate that she disappeared, if she hadn’t appeared, I would still be the excellent me, I would be the one you love the most, and Shixi wouldn’t have stayed away from me because of her!!!”

After hearing these words, Hathaway couldn’t hold back and incited a direct slap, staring at Kathleen with great pain.

“Looks like I didn’t teach you well enough to teach you to be so vicious! And in the orchestra, it’s supposed to be every man for himself, and I’m already treating you with all sorts of preferential treatment because you’re my daughter, and instead of looking at your own problems properly, you’re blaming others for your mistakes, Cathleen, you’re really letting me down!”

Kathleen covered her face, her eyes grim and terrible.

She raised her eyes to her mummy’s and sneered unrepentantly, “Disappointed? It doesn’t matter, you’ll have more disappointments to follow, because I am certain to destroy Wen Shiyu!”

Hathaway looked at her daughter, who was so paranoid and crazy, and no longer knew what to say.

She had covered up for Kathleen once when she had broken Wen Shiyu’s piano, and this time, she obviously couldn’t do it again!


The next morning, Wen Shiyu took time off from going to the orchestra because her fever hadn’t gone down yet.

She had just finished her breakfast when the butler knocked on the door and respectfully said, “Young Madam, Ms Hathaway is here.”

Wen Shiyu was a little surprised and asked the housekeeper to bring the person to the room.

Not long after, the housekeeper walked in with Hathaway.

Wen Shiyu was quite happy to see Hathaway and greeted and took her seat.

“Teacher, what brings you here?”

“I wasn’t worried about you, so I came to take a look.”

Hathaway looked at Wen Shiyu’s pale face and her eyes were full of apologies.

Wen Shiyu didn’t notice and smiled, “I’m fine, just a little cold, I’ll be fine in a couple of days.”

Hearing these words, Hathaway felt even more guilty.

She took a deep breath and looked at Wen Shiyu with a very serious expression, “Actually, today I came over, apart from coming to see you, I have another thing I want to tell you, about you being locked in the practice room yesterday, it was actually Kathleen who did it, I came to take her place and say sorry to you sincerely.”

With these words, she stood up and was about to bow to Wenshiyu and apologize.

How could Wen Shiyu accept this, she hurriedly got off the bed and a*sisted the teacher.

In fact, she had a bit of a suspicion about this matter.

Then again, she didn’t think it was the teacher’s fault either, so she couldn’t accept her teacher’s apology.

“Teacher, it’s Kathleen who should be apologising to me about this, it has nothing to do with you.”

“That child is too paranoid.”

Hathaway looked sad when she said this.

Wen Shiyu also understood the meaning of it.

With Cathleen’s temper, it was simply impossible to get her to apologise.

Hathaway was also aware of this and felt even more guilty towards Wen Shiyu, not knowing what to say, she blamed herself, “It’s also because I didn’t teach this child Kathleen well, when I divorced her father, I always felt indebted to her and almost did everything she asked, which is why she has developed such a selfish character nowadays, and now I’m letting her hurt the people around her.”

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