Always Been Yours Chapter 727

At this time, the butler suddenly stood at the door and knocked, “Young Madam, Miss Mona is here to see you.”

Somewhat taken aback, Wen Room Yu asked the housekeeper to bring her up.

Not long after, Mona followed the housekeeper into the room.

When she came in, she saw Wen Shiyu’s weak appearance and was very worried, “Shiyu why do you look so pale? Have you taken your medicine?”

“Young Madam has been refusing to take her medicine since she returned last night, Miss Mona you just happen to help me persuade Young Madam.”

The housekeeper stood to the side and complained.

Mo Na frowned and looked at Wen Shiyu with disapproval, “You are so seriously ill, how can you not take your medicine?”

“I ……”

Wen Shiyu just said one word, then swallowed back the words that came to her mouth.

The thing about pregnancy, she thought that even if she were to say it, she would be the first to share the news with Shen Ye.

Thinking, she found a random excuse to cover up, “My stomach isn’t very good these two days, and I’ll get sick to my stomach after taking the medicine, so I don’t want to eat.”

After hearing Wen Shiyu’s words, Mo Na couldn’t help but sigh.

She felt that Wen Shiyu’s health was really too bad.

Thinking of this, she thought of Wen Shiyu being alone in Vienna and not having a family member around her, and took the initiative to say, “Let me stay with you tonight, so that if anything happens at night, I can also take care of you.”

“Then I’ll trouble you.”

Wen Shiyu did not refuse Mona’s kindness and was touched in her heart.


The next day, Di Jing Lan Yuan.

Little Bao’er talked to Wen Shiyu on the phone and also knew that her aunt was sick and was worried.

“Auntie, you must be good and take your medicine so that your body will get better.”

The little one took the phone and admonished Wen Shiyu very seriously.

Wen Shiyu smiled and nodded her head, “I know.”

The two of them didn’t say a few words before Little Treasure urged Wen Shiyu to go and rest.

After hanging up the phone, the little one was still at ease with his aunt.

“Daddy, I’m so worried about auntie, let’s go over and see her, okay?”

Looking at his son’s expectant eyes, Feng Shenye was also worried about Wen Shiyu’s health and was eager to agree to go down.

But he really couldn’t leave, “Not yet, wait for a couple of days after daddy finishes the business at hand and then go over.”

Hearing this, Little Treasure was very disappointed.

And what was happening over here, Mu Wanxian didn’t know.

She had already decided to stay and start her own business.

Of course the biggest aim was to rip off Feng Shenye.

She waited for her grandfather to leave and then started looking for a company.

When Feng Shenye heard about this, he took the initiative to arrange for a secretary to help out, just hoping that Mu Wanxian would not come to him too often.

The secretary was the same Ji Bai who had previously shown Mu Wanxian around the company.

Ji Bai was very efficient and soon took Mu Wanxian to find a company.

However, because of the layout of the company, Mu Wanxian did not like it very much, so Ji Bai took the initiative to contact a decoration company.

Soon, the company entered the renovation stage.

The company’s main business is to provide a good solution to the problem, thanks to the help of Feng Shenye.

In the president’s office, Xu Yan knocked on the door and reported, “President, Miss Mu is here.”

“What is she doing here?”

Despite what he said, Feng Shenye still told Xu Yan to bring her up.

Not long after, Mu Wanxian walked into the office with Xu Yan on her thin heels.

She looked at the handsome man sitting at his desk, her red lips curved up into a nice curve, “Shen Ye.”

Feng Shenye nodded slightly and asked politely and distantly, “Why did you come over today?”

“My company has entered the renovation stage, and I thought that if it wasn’t for your help, the progress wouldn’t have been so fast, so I wanted to invite you for a meal to show my appreciation.”

Mu Wanxian looked at Feng Shenye with a light smile.

But Feng Shenye was indifferent and said indifferently, “It’s not necessary to have dinner, it’s just a hand up.”

Looking at the man’s cold and distant expression, disappointment crossed Mu Wanxian’s starry eyes.

She could actually sense that the man was deliberately keeping his distance from her, so she didn’t dwell on it too much.

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