Always Been Yours Chapter 735

Hearing the man’s concern for himself even when he was angry, Wen Shiyu was inwardly moved and guilty.

She bit her lower lip lightly and walked towards the man step by step.

Feng Shenye heard the sound of footsteps behind him and felt that something was not right.

Just as he was about to turn around, Wen Shiyu wrapped her arms around his waist from behind and rested her forehead on his back.

Feng Shenye felt the softness coming from his back and stiffened.

At this time, Wen Shiyu’s soft voice came to his ears.

“Shenye, don’t be angry anymore, okay? I’ll give birth to the baby.”

At these words, Feng Shenye’s body shook, then he turned around sharply and looked at Wen Shiyu in surprise, “Aren’t you afraid that it will affect your career?”

“I’m sure.”

Wen Shiyu looked at Feng Shenye with a smile on her face, her tone very firm, “Dreams can be realized later, but he is a life, how can I take it away? Besides …… I can’t let go of it, the reason I was torn before was because I didn’t know how to greet him.”

After hearing Wen Shiyu’s words, Feng Shenye’s gaze became somewhat complicated and somewhat touched.

He thought that Wen Shiyu was unwilling …… to make such a big compromise in the end, and for a moment he didn’t know what to say.

In fact, regarding this child, he didn’t have to have it, he just didn’t like Wen Shiyu carrying everything by herself.

But now that the girl had compromised, he was inwardly moved and did not want the girl to give up her dreams for him.

“I’m not trying to use the child to tie you down, nor do I want you to make such a big sacrifice, on the contrary, I’d rather you go and do what you want to do in peace and without worry.”

He paused as he said this away, his voice tinged with heartache, “Besides, pregnancy will be hard and will require a lot of energy from you.”

Hearing the man’s words all for his own consideration, Wen Shiyu was inexpressibly sweet and touched inside.

“Trust me, I can do it.”

She said, and once again went forward to hug Feng Shenye, pressing her face against the man’s firm chest.

The strong, powerful heartbeat of the man was heard in her ears, causing the corners of her mouth to lift up into a light smile.

Feng Shenye hugged Wen Shiyu back with both hands, his heart was very touching.

His chin rubbed against the dark hair on Wen Shiyu’s forehead, his voice was indescribably gentle, “It’s not that I don’t trust you, I’m just worried about you.”

“Do you know that motherhood is strong, I think this word is quite true, every mother will become strong for her child, and this way I can have more bonding with you.”

Wen Shiyu tilted her head and looked at Feng Shenye with determination.

Feng Shenye stared down at the girl, his heart moving once again.


He hugged Wen Shiyu tighter, the softness on his face seeming to drown people.

Under the moonlight, the image of the two embracing each other was very warm and beautiful.

After a few moments, Wen Shiyu looked at the handsome man in front of her again and said softly, “Let’s not fight anymore, okay?”

“It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have lost my temper with you.”

Feng Shenye gazed at Wen Shiyu and took the initiative to apologize.

Wen Shiyu shook her head, “I also did something wrong, I shouldn’t have kept it from you and let you misunderstand.”

Hearing these words, Feng Shenye thought of what happened this time and said with a serious expression, “No matter what happens in the future, don’t hide it from me again, I will be very worried.”

“I know, it won’t be in the future.”

Wen Shiyu looked tenderly back at the man.

When Feng Shenye met the girl’s bright starry eyes, his heart moved and he couldn’t help but slowly lower his head.

The hot and humid breath sprayed on her face, and Wen Shiyu couldn’t help but close her eyes as she looked at the handsome man who was getting closer and closer.

The four lips were pressed together, and Feng Shenye kissed extraordinarily tenderly.

In a short while, Wen Shiyu was so weak that she could only stand against the man.

It was not known how long it took before the two panted and separated.

Wen Shiyu slowed down and glared at Feng Shenye, “You smell like smoke, and you’re deliberately pa*sing it on to me.”

At that, Feng Shenye remembered that the place was full of second-hand smoke and hurriedly led Wen Shiyu away.

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