Always Been Yours Chapter 744

At those words, Wen Shiyu did understand what Feng Shenye was doing.

This was because she did not want her to go up against her family.

It was just that this was something she felt she should stay and face together with Feng Shenye.

“I’m not leaving.”

She looked at Feng Shenye with a firm gaze and said seriously, “I’ll stay with you.”

Although Feng Shenye was moved, he did not agree.

The reason why he let Wen Shiyu leave was because he knew his family too well, and Wen Shiyu would only be aggrieved if she stayed.

In the end, Wen Shiyu could not resist Feng Shenye and was taken away by Wen Jingchen.

When she left, she was all worried.

Wen Jing Chen looked at her and advised, “Don’t worry, since brother-in-law stayed, it means he already has a way to deal with it, you should trust brother-in-law, and since Bao’er also stayed, it will definitely be fine.”

Yes, Bao’er had stayed behind too.

In his words, he was staying to help Daddy.

That evening, as expected, the elders of the Feng family rushed over.

Feng Shenjin had left his company affairs aside for the sake of his brother and had also rushed over after his parents.

As soon as he got off the plane, he immediately looked for an opportunity to give his brother the news.

“Brother, we’ve already gotten off the plane and are now ready to take a bus to your place.”

Upon receiving the text message, Feng Shenye took one look at it and stood by at home.

As expected, it didn’t take long for the butler to report, “Young master, master, sir and madam are here.”

“I know, you go down.”

Feng Shenye nodded his head and waved the housekeeper away before standing up to greet the elders.

As soon as she entered, Pei Xin Yi saw her son standing pensively in the living room and could no longer suppress the eagerness in her heart.

“Shen Ye, I heard from your grandfather that you got married, or with Wen Shiyu, is this true?”

When these words came out, the others also looked at Feng Shenye.

Feng Shenye was quite calm and nodded his head, “It’s true.”

Hearing these words, Feng Tianyi and Pei Xingyi’s faces immediately sank.

“Such a big matter, why didn’t you discuss it with us, why did you make such a hasty decision?!!!”

“Feng Shenye, do you consider yourself as the helmsman of the family or not?! Do you know that your marriage concerns every aspect?!”

The old man was also furious, reprimanding Feng Shenye with his name, and the cane in his hand was banging heavily on the ground, thus expressing his anger.

When Feng Shen Jin saw the scene, he was sweating for his brother.

As he was thinking of how to help his brother save the day, his brother’s very calm voice came to his ears.

“I don’t think my marriage, and family interests can have anything to do with it, come again ……”

Feng Shenye deliberately paused, looked around at the angry parents and the old man, and said with a bland expression, “Even if you guys come this time, it won’t change anything, a marriage is a marriage, and besides, Shiyu is pregnant.”

As soon as those words fell, the whole room felt like a chokehold was put on their throats.

The old man held his breath and his face was ugly.

Feng Tianyi and his wife were stunned beyond belief.

They knew that Feng Shenye was married, but they didn’t know that Wen Shiyu was pregnant.

“That girl is really pregnant?”

Pei Xin Yi pursued the question with some disbelief.

She was worried that it was an excuse made by Feng Shenye to get them to agree to the marriage matter.

Feng Shenye naturally understood his mother’s meaning and said in a light voice, “Do you think I look like I’m joking?”

Pei Xin Yi choked on her words and glared angrily at Feng Shen Ye.

Feng Tianyi reacted and looked at Feng Shenye with a grave expression, asking, “So you married that girl because of the child?”

“Not really.” Feng Shenye retorted without thinking, “I married her because I loved her and wanted to give her a name, it had nothing to do with the child.”

As soon as these words were spoken, Feng Tianyi and his wife, as well as the old man, all looked very bad.

When Feng Shenjin saw that the atmosphere was not right, he quickly came forward to help his brother save the day.

“Miss Wen is actually pregnant.”

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