Always Been Yours Chapter 757

After all, it was Bae’s special performance and she didn’t want to make a scene in front of her beloved again.

As she was talking, Pei Shixi, dressed in a white suit, like Prince Charming in a fairy tale, walked into the box with an elegant stride.

“Seh-hee, you’re here.”

Kathleen was the first to notice Bae’s entrance and immediately greeted him with joy.

She looked at Pei Shixi smittenly, and the adoration in her eyes was not hidden in any way.

However, Pei Shixi always kept a distance between men and women from her.

After a brief greeting, Wen Shiyu presented a bouquet of flowers and congratulated her, “I hope your performance goes well tonight.”

Pei Shixi looked at the girl’s cheeks, which were even more delicate than the flowers, and the corners of his mouth curved up in a nice curve as he said gently, “Thank you.”

Next to her, Kathleen saw the scene and gave Wen Shiyu another hard mark in her heart.

At half past eight, the show officially started.

Wen Shiyu and Hathaway sat in the VIP audience and listened attentively.

Without surprise, it was a very perfect auditory feast.

During the performance, Hathaway also praised Pei Shixi a lot.

“Seh-hee is almost catching up to me with this piano skill.”

“Teacher Bae is indeed very good.”

Wen Shiyu nodded in agreement and thought of the image of seeing Bae Sehee training once again and lost her smile, “Teacher even said before that I don’t want to die when I train, but I feel that compared to Teacher Bae, this is nothing for me.”

“Indeed, Seh-hee is even more desperate than you when it comes to training, so it’s not unreasonable for him to be where he is today.”

Hathaway sighed.

Next to her, Kathleen wasn’t paying attention to the conversation between the two.

She looked at the handsome, extraordinary man on stage, her eyes swooning like nothing else.

Two hours later, the show ended.

Wen Shiyu was about to leave with Hathaway when Pei Shixi came over.

He invited, “There’s a celebration party later, so senior and Miss Wen should stay and join us.”

Hathaway gladly agreed.

As a result, Wen Shiyu could not refuse and went along.

At the celebration banquet, all the people present were big musicians.

Wen Shiyu was originally with Hathaway.

However, as more and more people came to see Hathaway, she was separated from Hathaway.

Originally, she wanted to find a place with fewer people to sit, but she didn’t want someone to come over and toast her.

Just as Wen Shiyu was about to refuse, Pei Shixi arrived.

“She can’t drink, so I don’t mind using juice instead.”

Pei Shixi said, and arranged for someone to bring her juice.

Wen Shiyu thanked him and then drank the juice.

The man who came to toast saw this scene, his eyes ambiguously swept around the two of them and took the initiative to leave with a good eye, “You two talk, I’ll go look somewhere else.”

Wen Shiyu and Pei Shixi did not notice the difference.

When the people left, they chatted idly.

“Is your body alright? Will you be tired, there’s a rest area over there, if you feel tired, you can go over and rest for a while.”

Pei Shixi was very concerned about Wen Shiyu’s health.

Wen Shiyu didn’t think much of it, she just took it as a care between friends and smiled, “Thank you, I’m fine, if I’m tired, I’ll go and rest.”

Pei Shixi nodded and turned to talk about music again.

Not far away, Kathleen watched the two of them talking and laughing, and her anger flared.

“That b*tch, how dare she start seducing her Seh-hee again!”

She gritted her teeth and stared at Wen Shiyu as if she wanted to eat someone.

After a while, she saw Wen Shiyu going to the washroom alone and thought nothing of following her.

Once inside, she saw Wen Shiyu standing in front of the sink washing her hands, and immediately said sarcastically in a sinister manner, “Wen Shiyu, you’re obviously pregnant, and you’re still wandering around other men, is that interesting?”

Hearing Kathleen’s words, Wen Shiyu’s face instantly pulled down, feeling that this woman’s words were really hard to hear.

She shook off the water stains on her hands, turned around and said with cold eyes, “I treat Pei Shixi as a friend, but it’s you who treats me as an imaginary enemy all day long, do you think you will lose to yourself or are you afraid of not being able to compete with me, is it interesting to be like this all day long?”

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