Always Been Yours Chapter 761

“It’s good that it’s okay, but make sure you take care of it in general.”

Pei Shixi admonished in detail.

Wen Shiyu listened patiently.

The two then talked about music.

Wen Shiyu asked a few questions, and Bae Se Hee answered them all and gave a demonstration.

The other members around saw this and were envious.

They also wanted to be taught by Mr. Bae.

“Shiyu, isn’t Mr. Bae too good to you? I also want Mr. Bae to teach me.”

Mo Na waited for Bae Se Hee to leave and jumped over to Wen Shiyu, sounding envious.

Wen Shiyu smiled, “Actually, Mr. Pei is very nice, next time when he comes, if you have any questions, you can ask the same.”

“Really? Teacher Pei won’t ignore me, right?”

Mona was surprised and a little scared.

“Don’t worry, Teacher Pei isn’t that kind of person, as long as you go and ask, he’ll teach you all.”

Wen Shiyu spoke up for Pei Shixi.

And all this Pei Shixi didn’t know.

He originally wanted to leave, but when he thought that Wen Shiyu’s injury last night was related to Cathleen, he planned to go and talk to Cathleen.

Kathleen was happy to learn that Bae Se Hee was looking for her.


She jogged towards Pei Shixi with a big smile on her face and the adoration in her eyes was not hidden in any way.

However, Pei Shixi was indifferent and said with a serious face, “I heard that the reason why Wen Shiyu fell down last night was because of you, I hope you won’t do such things in the future, to the detriment of others.”

At those words, Kathleen’s smile instantly narrowed.

“So you came to see me about this?”

She looked at Pei Shixi angrily, her tone was indescribably sour, “So you’re here to take it out on Wen Shiyu too?”

“I didn’t, I just wanted to come to persuade you.”

Pei Shixi explained lightly.

But Kathleen could no longer listen to it, and was even a little hysterical, “All you people know is to persuade me, what did I do wrong? I just like you. ……”

Kathleen’s words made Pei Shixi flinch and feel a little uncomfortable.

He had thought that if he didn’t respond, Kathleen would gradually forget about it, but he didn’t expect that Kathleen still couldn’t get past that point in her heart.

Looking at the silent man, Cathleen’s voice was a little eager, “Seh-hee, is there nothing you want to say to me?”

“I’ve already told you what you need to say, but you’re the one who’s still obsessed with it.”

Pei Shixi looked at Kathleen with bland detachment, “Besides, that’s no reason for you to hurt Wen Shiyu.”

“But if it wasn’t for her, would you not like me? It’s all because of her, she’s the one who came along and stole you away!”

Kathleen retorted defiantly, not feeling in the least that she had done wrong.

Pei Shixi frowned disapprovingly and persuaded, “As I said, you can’t force your feelings, and it’s between you and me, it has nothing to do with others, even without Wen Shiyu, if I don’t have feelings for you, I just don’t have them.”

Hearing these words, Kathleen was so hard that tears were welling up in her eyes.

Since this was the case, Pei Shixi remained indifferent and said in a deep voice, “I hope there won’t be a next time for something like this, otherwise there won’t even be any friends in the future.”

After finishing his words, he turned around and left.

Kathleen looked at the man’s back as he left, hating Wen Shiyu to death in her heart and gnashing her teeth.

Why, why were all these people desperate to seek justice for that b*tch Wen Shiyu?

Is that b*tch that good?!

Wen Shiyu didn’t know these things.

She had gone back early in the evening after training with the orchestra.

Although her arm was fine, she didn’t want to exert herself much either.

When they returned, the family dined warmly.

“Mummy, you eat more.”

Little Bao’er was very understanding and gave Wen Shiyu a dish to eat.

Wen Shiyu smiled and thanked her.

Feng Shenye was beside him, thoughtfully peeling shrimps for Wen Shiyu.

After finishing their meal, the family sat in the living room.

Whenever this time came, it was Little Boy’s favourite time.

Because he could communicate with the little baby, tell stories and beautifully call it fetal education.

Of course, he learnt this from his daddy.

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