Always Been Yours Chapter 763

Pei Xin Yi nodded her head in agreement.

At these words, a loving smile appeared on Feng Tianyi’s face.

Although they did not like Wen Shiyu, their own granddaughter could still be liked.

As the two were talking, the butler came to report, “Sir, madam, Miss Mu is here.”

“Uncle Feng, Auntie Pei.”

Mu Wanxian stood obediently by the side and called out to the people.

Seeing this, Feng Tianyi and his wife hurriedly greeted the people and sat down.

Not long after, the maid brought tea.

Pei Xin Yi inquired, “Why did you come over today?”

“I thought I hadn’t come over to visit Uncle and Auntie for a long time, so I came over to visit.”

As she spoke, Mu Wanxian also handed over the gift she had prepared.

Feng Tianyi and his wife accepted the gift and smiled, “I know you know what you’re doing, but next time you come over, you don’t have to go to such lengths.”

“I know.”

Mu Wanxian nodded her head and smiled in an extraordinarily good and harmless manner.

The three of them then made small talk.

Feng Tianyi asked, “How is your company doing these days? If you need any help, just go to Shen Jin.”

“The company is still being renovated, I think it will be finished in another ten days or so.”

Hearing Mu Wanxian’s words, Pei Xingyi couldn’t help but praise, “You’re really capable.”

“Actually, I haven’t done much, and compared to being competent, I’m no match for Shen Ye and Second Younger.”

Mu Wanxian was very good at talking, holding up Feng Shenye and Feng Shenjin.

After all, there was no mother who did not like people praising her children.

Pei Xin Yi was indeed spoken to by her as well.

She was most proud of having two such excellent sons.

“Shen Ye and Shen Jin indeed rarely worry me,”

Seeing this, Mu Wanxian took the opportunity to talk more about Feng Shenye.

Pei Xin Yi revealed quite a bit, but it was all harmless.

Even so, Mu Wanxian was still as happy as can be.

When the time was almost right, she took the opportunity to ask, “Auntie Pei, I heard that Shen Ye has been abroad for a while, when will he be back?”

Hearing these words, Pei Xin Yi already understood in her heart that this was the purpose of Mu Wan Xian’s visit.

But without waiting for her to say anything, Mu Wanxian’s worried voice came to her ears once again.

“I got the news that Shen Ye went abroad because he had a fight with Grandpa Feng, and I don’t know if it’s true or not, and during this period of time, I haven’t been able to contact Shen Ye.”

This statement, Mu Wanxian did not say false.

Ever since she knew that Feng Shenye had gone abroad, she had looked for a time to contact him, but unfortunately, she had not been able to contact him.

Unbeknownst to her, it was Feng Shenye who deliberately did not answer her calls.

Pei Xin Yi did not know these things.

However, she understood the meaning of Mu Wanxian’s words, but did not intend to elaborate on Feng Shenye’s situation.

“Shenye still has things to do abroad and will be delayed for a while in the near future.”

Mu Wanxian could see that Auntie Pei did not intend to say more, and was disappointed in her heart.

Moreover, she had a gut feeling that Auntie Pei was hiding something from her.

Thinking of this, her eyes flashed and she continued to test the waters, “So there is something delayed, I don’t know what it is, if there is anything I can do to help, Auntie and Shen Ye can tell me, so I can repay Shen Ye for taking care of me this time.”

“I will pa*s on your kind words.”

Pei Xin Yi directly terminated the topic and turned her words to inquire, “During this time, are you still used to living in China?”

Mu Wanxian faintly stared and nodded, “Still used to it, some day Auntie can come to my house to sit and see my newly bought house.”

She knew that Auntie Pei was telling her by her actions that she didn’t want to talk about Feng Shenye anymore, so in order to give Auntie Pei a good impression, she could only cooperate and change the topic.

She then sat with the two old men for a while before leaving the Feng family compound.

When she returned to the car, the smile on her face immediately pulled down.

Although Auntie Pei and Uncle Feng had been very warm to her tonight, there was still an extra layer of detachment in their attitude.

Why was this?

Could it be that they were not satisfied with her recent performance?

No, if they were not satisfied, there was no way they would still let themselves get close to Shen Ye.

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