Always Been Yours Chapter 765

“Let’s go.”

Wen Shiyu pulled Mona away, not wanting to pay any attention to Cathleen at all.

Right now, she was talking to Kathleen with absolutely no words to say.

Mona also felt that Kathleen was baffled.

She couldn’t understand why Kathleen kept targeting Wen Shiyu.

Although she was very upset for Wen Shiyu, she did not dare to dislike Kathleen blatantly.

So she quietly followed Wen Shiyu and left.

The two of them soon returned to the second regiment to continue their busy training.

Kathleen looked at the direction the two left and became even more furious in her heart.

What did Wen Shiyu mean by this? He didn’t even bother to talk to her anymore?

“D*mn you Wen Shiyu!”

She gritted her teeth, unable to swallow this anger.

How could this b*tch Wen Shiyu treat her with disdain?

Suddenly, a thought rose up inside her.

How great it would be if Wen Shiyu couldn’t attend the show ……

The moment this thought appeared, it made her heart flutter.

If Wen Shiyu ruined the performance, thinking about how hard the second troupe was working for the show now, I was afraid that the people of the second troupe would hate Wen Shiyu to death by then.

The most important thing was that by then, Wen Shiyu would have to take a very big responsibility and could be kicked out of the orchestra for serious reasons!

The more Kathleen thought about it, the more she thought it was a good idea.

“I’ll see how arrogant you can still be when the time comes!”

Kathleen curled her lips in triumph, as if she could see the image of Wen Shiyu being scorned by the public soon after, and was in a great mood.


The next day, because they had to get familiar with the venue in advance, Wen Shiyu followed Hathaway to the performance hall.

Now the performance hall is not yet finished setting up, and busy staff can be seen in many places.

After all, this performance was grand and many areas needed to be redressed, especially some of the equipment on the stage needed to be replaced.

This also included the lighting.

Just on the stage, a number of spotlights were set up that had not yet been installed, and each one of them looked just as heavy.

At this time, the management in charge of the set-up saw Hathaway and the others coming over and came over with a smile on their lips to greet them.

“Ms Hathaway.”

Hathaway nodded and inquired, “When will the stage probably be set up?”

“It’ll be basically the same once we get the rest of the spotlights up tomorrow.”

Management gave a general overview.

Hathaway nodded in satisfaction and urged, “When installing the spotlights, have someone be careful, and don’t forget to ask them to check them after they’re installed.

“I know, don’t worry.”

The staff a*sured with a smile.

And the conversation between the two was just overheard by Kathleen.

She glanced one more time at the uninstalled spotlights on the floor, her eyes darkening a few notches, and took the matter to heart.

Later in the evening, Hathaway took the others to familiarise themselves with the site, and after a quick tour, seeing that there were no problems, she was ready to leave.

At that moment Kathleen suddenly spoke up, “Mummy, I’ve just remembered that I’ve left something over at the stage and I need to go back.”

Hathaway didn’t think much of it and told her to go back and get it.

Mona looked at the direction Kathleen left and couldn’t help but mutter, “And she said we had a lot of things to do, she didn’t know to go get it after all that time before, she had to wait until we were ready to leave and made us all wait for her.”

Wen Shiyu lost her smile.

She knew that because of herself, Mona had a strong opinion of Kathleen.

“Come on, consider it a break.”

She persuaded Mona and found a place to sit down.

Within a few minutes Kathleen re-entered and did have the same thing in her hand.

“Mummy, I’m done, let’s go.”

Hathaway nodded her head and greeted the others as they left.

The next day, Wen Shiyu and the members of the Second Regiment, went to the field set as usual.

Nowadays, the tacit understanding of their second group was getting better and better, and basically there were no more mistakes.

The training went very well throughout the day.

Just as everyone was about to pack up and leave, a strange noise suddenly came from above their heads.

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