Always Been Yours Chapter 777

“Lauryn, I blame myself for Kathleen’s capture, but I don’t admit I’m at fault in this matter, it’s people who do wrong that deserve to be punished for their actions, and it’s Kathleen who’s ruined her by leaving her in your hands!”

Hathaway was simply furious with her unbelievable ex-husband.

The man didn’t even think about who Kathleen had learned to be such an arrogant character.

Soon the two were at war again over Kathleen’s education.

During the break, Wen Shiyu and Mona came out for water.

The group was discussing that a beat had just gone wrong while they were walking.

Unexpectedly, they pa*sed by the office just in time to see Hathaway and Laurine arguing.

“Now I don’t care what you use, still go find that student of yours and release Kathleen to me immediately, or else your show at the Y won’t go well.”

“Lauryn, don’t you go too far!”

Hathaway didn’t expect Lauryn to be so shameless as to threaten herself with the orchestra performance.

Lauryn sneered, “Over the top? Kathleen is now suffering in prison because of you, and you’re telling me it’s too much? I’m telling you, you’ll have to save her for me even if you don’t save her today, or don’t blame me for doing it to you!”

As he spoke, he tried to strike at Hathaway.

Wen Shiyu and the other members’ faces changed slightly and they immediately rushed in to scold, “Stop it!”

Looking at Wen Shiyu and the rest of the band, Hathaway froze for a moment.

“Shiyu, what are you guys doing here?”

“It’s break time, we came out to drink water.”

Wen Shiyu explained while secretly sizing up Laurian, spitting in her heart.

This ex-husband of the teacher was dressed like a man, but his character was so bad that he even beat up women.

Laurie En was also looking at Wen Shiyu.

From the conversation just now, he already knew that this woman in front of him was the culprit who put his daughter in jail, and his face instantly turned gloomy.

“This is the shut-in student you took in, right? She’s the one who put Cathleen in jail too, isn’t she?”

Hearing that the man’s voice was wrong, Hathaway immediately stepped forward to block Wen Shiyu and said coldly, “This has nothing to do with Shiyu, it was Kathleen’s fault in the first place.”

Hearing Hathaway’s defence of Wen Shiyu, Laurie En was furious.

“What could be wrong with my daughter, the only one at fault is someone else!”

He looked at Hathaway angrily and rebuked, “Do you remember who is your daughter or not, this woman is the one who is responsible for putting your daughter in jail!”

Looking at the man who was pointing at himself, furious, Wen Shiyu finally knew who Cathleen had inherited that arrogant and domineering character from.

And it was such a brutal and unreasonable person, she was also gaining insight.

She stepped out from behind Hathaway and looked coldly back at Lauryn, “It’s true that Cathleen went in because of me, but it’s all her fault, no one else is to blame.”

At these words, many members around the room were taken aback.

After all, there was still a part of the group that didn’t know exactly what had happened to Kathleen.

“My god, Kathleen is actually in jail again.”

“No wonder how the people who asked the group before didn’t say anything, if this were me, I wouldn’t say anything either, it’s too humiliating.”

“Kathleen must have done something outrageous again to make Tokiya put up with it.”

The members of the group speculated variously, but the general meaning was all in support of Wen Shiyu.

Hearing these words, Laurie En was furious.

“Shut up, my daughter is not at fault.”

He glared at the other members of the troupe viciously, as if he wanted to eat someone, his eyes were terrifying.

The members of the troupe were taken aback and shut their mouths, not daring to discuss it any further.

Finally, Laurie En’s unkind gaze fell on Wen Shiyu, “Who are you to accuse my daughter here, if you hadn’t provoked my daughter, how would my daughter be looking for trouble with you?!”

“I provoked Kathleen?”

Wen Shiyu was directly exasperated by these words.

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