Always Been Yours Chapter 779

This made him think of the police’s impromptu change of heart, and he could not help but dispel the idea of using force in his mind.

With a twinkle in his eye, he sneered at Hathaway, “That’s a good disciple you’ve taught.”

With those words, he snorted coldly and left straight away.

The crowd watched him disappear down the corridor and looked at Hathaway, who was not looking well, in silence.

When Wen Shiyu looked at her teacher like this, her heart was not good either.

Just as she was about to say something, Hathaway spoke up before her.

“Alright, let’s all disperse, those who should train go train.”

Hathaway waved her hand for the others to leave.

The crowd hesitated, but in the end, they all left.

Wen Shiyu stayed at the end.

She originally wanted to wait for the people to finish leaving and talk to the teacher.

As a result, she was called out by Pei Shixi.

“Teacher Bae, what’s wrong?”

Wen Shiyu thought that Pei Shixi had called herself out for something.

Bae Se Hee looked at the girl’s delicate veiled face and persuaded, “I know you want to talk to senior about something, it’s just that I think it’s better to leave senior alone now.”

He had heard earlier that someone had come to the theatre to cause trouble and rushed over.

Originally, he had seen those bodyguards about to make a move on Wen Shiyu and was about to save him, but he didn’t think he would end up being a step too slow.

On hearing this, Wen Shiyu looked at the teacher in the office whose back was permeated with sadness and had a mixed feeling.

She knew that because of her own relationship, it was difficult for the teacher to be caught between her and Kathleen.

But she had already backed down countless steps before, but Kathleen had no remorse whatsoever and wanted her dead.

She had even almost lost the most important person to her.

So even though she felt bad about it, she didn’t regret it!

Because it was Kathleen who had gone too far!

Looking at Wen Shiyu who was silent for a long time, Pei Shixi did see some clues from her eyes.

“Don’t think too much, it’s not your fault, after all, it’s all about Kathleen’s personality, and senior is not the kind of person who is unreasonable.”

Wen Shiyu nodded gently, but was still uneasy, “Even though the words are so, it’s still hard for the teacher in his heart after all.”

Pei Shixi sighed and didn’t know how to persuade him, so he simply turned the tables and urged, “Go back to training, no matter what, the performance is most important right now.”

Wen Shiyu nodded her head.

Indeed, no matter what, the most important thing now was the performance.

She returned to the training ground, only to become very silent.

When the others saw this, they had wanted to ask about the details of this matter, but they all dismissed the idea.

That evening, training ended.

Wen Shiyu returned home, her whole body was also heavy with worry.

Feng Shenye could see that she was in a bad mood and pulled her to his side with concern, “What’s wrong, look at your unhappy face.”

“This morning Kathleen’s father came to the theatre to cause trouble, and I argued with him.”

Wen Shiyu didn’t hide what happened during the day and also told her complicated thoughts, “Teacher usually takes care of me, and because teacher led, I was able to stand in my present position in a short time, but now …… all in all, I’m quite upset.”

Feng Shenye understood what Wen Shiyu was thinking.

He raised an eyebrow and deliberately asked, “So you are now regretting sending Kathleen to jail and planning to let her go?”

“How is that possible!” Wen Shiyu immediately retorted, “I don’t regret sending Cathleen to jail, she asked for it!”

Feng Shenye laughed, “Look, you don’t even regret it, why should you feel overwhelmed?”

Wen Shiyu frowned, feeling that this was true.

“Although I don’t regret it, but to the teacher, I still feel quite sorry, after all, that is her daughter, I worry about the teacher she will …… behind.”

The latter words, although she did not say it, but Feng Shenye still read it.

“You are worried that your teacher will complain about you later, but if she was really unreasonable, I’m afraid she wouldn’t have been on your side in the first place.”

The most important thing right now is for you to perform without worrying and stay in a happy mood.”


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