Always Been Yours Chapter 788

“Mummy, you’re on the news.”

Wen Shiyu looked puzzled, “What news?”

“The news on the internet.”

Little Bao’er’s eyes shone brightly as he gave his mommy a clear explanation.

At that, Wen Shiyu subconsciously took out her mobile phone and surfed the internet, and she saw the news about herself.

[Hathaway’s newest violinist – Wen Shiyu, the next Hathaway!

The large headline was eye-catching and bold.

And the article below the headline was all kinds of praise for Wen Shiyu’s artistic talent.

It even said that Wen Shiyu had surpa*sed Kathleen.

Because the first time Kathleen received accolades and praise, it was not as high as the praise Wen Shiyu received today.

It could be said that this time, Wen Shiyu was considered to be truly seen!

“Great, I did it!”

Wen Shiyu was so happy that she couldn’t contain herself.

She excitedly squatted down and kissed Little Treasure, “Thank you for telling me the good news.”

After saying that, she couldn’t wait to go to Feng Shenye to share the good news with him.

“Shenye, did you see the news online, I made it!”

Wen Shiyu jogged all the way to Feng Shenye’s side, excited like a little child.

Feng Shenye looked at his happy little wife, his expression was gentle beyond words, “I saw it, you are very good.”

Just when the family was happy, Wen Jingchen also called.

Originally, he had regretted not being able to make it to this performance.

As a result, he didn’t expect that his own sister would be so good that she was all over the online news, and magazines.

“Sister, congratulations, you’re one step closer to your dream.”


Wen Shiyu thanked happily.

Wen Jingchen was still excited, it felt like she had won an award.

“I knew my sister would be seen by everyone, sister, I’m proud of you.”

Looking at her brother’s excited look, Wen Shiyu also thought of how difficult it had been for them as siblings all these years, and her eyes warmed up a little.

“I’m proud of you too, in the future we siblings will definitely get better and better.”

“It will definitely be better!”

The two siblings stirred up emotions for a while, and hung up the phone because Wen Jingchen had things to do over there.

Afterwards, Wen Shiyu accompanied Feng Shenye and his father and son to have a warm breakfast.

Because the performance was over, Wen Shiyu did not need to go to the orchestra, so she planned to stay at home to keep Feng Shenye and Little Bao’er company.

During this period of time, for the sake of the performance to go smoothly, she had left her father and son out in the cold.

Even so, she received a lot of good wishes from the members of the second orchestra one after another.

Mo Na also called and congratulated her, “Shiyu, congratulations, you are now completely famous, from now on you are the celebrity of our band, you have to take care of me, I want to hug my thigh.”

Wen Shiyu laughed, “Sure, when I go back to the band, I will give you my thighs to hug, see if they are big enough.”

The two of them laughed and joked for a while before hanging up the phone.

After the excitement, Wen Shiyu also slowly calmed down.

Although the outside world had given her high praise, she was not at all overwhelmed by these compliments. On the contrary, she knew very well that the higher these media compliments were, the more she had to work hard.

Because only if she becomes more and more outstanding can she be worthy of these compliments.

For Wen Shiyu’s calmness, Feng Shenye also saw it in his eyes, and his eyes were full of pride.

See, no matter how the outside world praised her, his girl would always be modest and upwardly mobile.

Thinking of this, he forwarded the online news report about Wen Shiyu to his circle of friends.

Of course, he did so with a purpose.

He mainly wanted to show his family that the wife he had chosen was no worse than anyone else.

In fact, the elders of the Feng family had also seen it.

After reading the report, Feng Tianyi clicked a like.

Feng Shenjin also clicked a like and posted a comment below, “Brother, my sister-in-law is really good-looking and awesome.”

When Pei Xin Yi saw that Feng Tianyi had both liked the story and Feng Shen Jin’s comment, she clicked into the news anyway.

“Wow, this Hathaway Orchestra’s newest violinist, so young and pretty, she’s simply a talented girl.”

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