Always Been Yours Chapter 790

Feng Shenye didn’t wait for Hathaway to finish before interrupting in a cold word, “I know your intention of calling me out, but this time Kathleen has touched my bottom line, I can’t possibly let it go, and I hope you can be sensible.”

Hearing the man’s refusal, Hathaway had expected it, but her heart still felt bad.

But she also knew that she was indeed imposing herself with this request.

Putting herself in her place, if someone were to lay hands on her own wife and children, there was no way she could forgive them.

“I’m sorry to have delayed Mr. Feng.”

“No harm.”

After speaking, Feng Shenye directly got up and left, leaving Hathaway sitting alone in the box.

At this moment, Hathaway’s entire shoulders collapsed.

Moreover, what she feared most was that without Cathleen, there was no way for the group to function.

Then again, Kathleen hadn’t been around for too long and she was afraid that the outside world would notice something.

In fact, her fears were soon realised.

This time around, Wen Shiyu shone in the second group, but Kathleen was not present in the second group, and some of the media had a hunch that there was something fishy going on.

After all, Kathleen had never missed a group performance before, except for the last one.

So, many media investigated the matter.

[Shocker!!! Hathaway’s famous violinist Kathleen is suspected of attempted murder!

When this news came out, it immediately rolled across the internet and netizens were in an uproar.

“Is this really the Kathleen I know? It’s horrible!”

“I never knew she had such a vicious side to her.”

“I’m disappointed that as an artist, she’s going to harm people out of jealousy.”

It can be said that Kathleen’s career, with such a scandal, is kind of ruined.

Still, there are a lot of Kathleen’s fans who don’t believe their idol would do something like this.

They feel that someone is playing tricks and trying to ruin their idol.

These people have run to the official Hathaway Band website to voice out their protest for Cathleen.

“Head of Hathaway, there is absolutely no way Kathleen would do something this bad, this must be a conspiracy.”

“That’s right, it’s a conspiracy, someone is trying to mess with Kathleen, Headmaster, you must investigate carefully, you can’t wrong our Kathleen, she’s still your daughter!”

“I think it must be that woman called Wen Shiyu who is up to no good, this woman has only been in the orchestra for a short while, right, and now she is already the chief violinist of the second regiment, she has risen to the top so quickly, she must have played a trick!”

“I agree with this upstairs, I hope the headmaster will investigate Wen Shiyu as soon as possible and clear our Kathleen’s name.”

And what happened on the official website, Hathaway soon found out from her a*sistant’s mouth as well.

She was silent for a moment and said indifferently, “Don’t pay any attention to this matter, it will die down in a couple of days.”

No matter how this matter was responded to, it would be detrimental to Kathleen, so she planned to deal with it coldly to minimise the harm.

In fact, it’s true that the fan protests didn’t make much of a splash.

After all, there are some sensible fans who have taken to the bottom of the news to analyse it.

“No response from Hathaway’s band since the news appeared, so I think it should be a tacit acknowledgement of the matter.”

“Ditto, Kathleen is Headmaster Hathaway’s daughter no matter what, if Kathleen was really wrongly accused and calculated, then the Headmaster who is Kathleen’s mother would definitely not be able to tolerate Wen Shiyu’s existence, so there is only one truth.”

“The news is true!”

Seeing these comments, the fans who were originally protesting quite fiercely have quieted down.

Yeah, Hathaway’s band hadn’t responded to anything until now, so it was obvious that Kathleen wasn’t in charge.

Wen Shiyu also knew about what happened online, but she didn’t take it to heart.

She and Feng Shenye were still staying on the Y side.

Because Feng Shenye’s injuries had not yet fully healed, there was no rush to leave.

For this reason, Wen Shiyu was also quite helpless.

This night, she changed Feng Shenye’s medicine and couldn’t help but chant, “Last time, he was also injured and stayed here, but it turned out to be the same this time, how come he can’t be at peace every time ……”

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