Always Been Yours Chapter 792

Time pa*sed and the night became deeper and deeper.

Finally, she fell asleep on the sofa without realising it.


The next day, Wen Shiyu woke up to find a blanket covering her body while little Bao’er stood guard next to her.

She sat up and couldn’t help but inquire, “Bao’er, has your daddy come back yet?”

“Bao’er didn’t see daddy come back.”

Little Bao’er shook her head.

Wen Shiyu frowned and got up to find Uncle Chen, “Did Shen Ye not even come back last night?”

“Young master didn’t come back, but called back and said that the company was under attack and asked me to instruct young madam to eat well.”

Uncle Chen informed as such, and inquired, “Young Madam, breakfast is ready, are you using it now?”

Although Wen Shiyu was worried about Feng Shenye’s situation, she also knew that she could not help, and that only by taking care of herself could Feng Shenye have no worries.

“Serve the meal, I’ll wash up and come over to eat.”

Later in the evening, Wen Shiyu finished her breakfast with Xiao Bao’er, still uneasy in her mind about Feng Shenye’s side.

Thinking that her brother had been working with Feng Shenye’s company, she called over to ask, “Jing Chen, something happened to your brother-in-law’s company, do you know?”

“I know, sister, don’t worry.”

Wen Jingchen just comforted his sister in the evening and was ready to say something else.

As a result, before he could say anything, he was interrupted by Wen Shiyu.

“Last night your brother-in-law didn’t come back all night, I really don’t feel at ease, it’s just that I know nothing about company matters, I want you to go over and help your brother-in-law when you’re free and see if you can help in any way.”

Wen Jing Chen smiled, “I’m at brother-in-law’s company right now, sister, don’t think too much about it, things have almost been taken care of, brother-in-law will be back soon.”

The truth is indeed as Wen Jing Chen said.

It was almost noon when Feng Shenye returned with a tired face.

Seeing this, Wen Shiyu hurriedly went forward to hold the man up and said worriedly, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.”

Feng Shenye didn’t want Wen Shiyu to worry too much and comforted him in a warm voice.

Unfortunately, Wen Shiyu didn’t believe her at all, but she didn’t say anything, urging, “Go and eat, I’ll have the kitchen keep the porridge warm.”

Feng Shenye nodded his head and followed Wen Shiyu to the dining room.

During the meal, Wen Shiyu looked at the tiredness on the man’s face and said heartily, “Go get a good night’s sleep after you eat.”

“I know, I’ll rest at home this afternoon.”

Feng Shenye smiled in response, remembering another thing, he softly said, “Right, your brother is coming home for dinner tonight, have the kitchen make some dishes he likes to eat.”

Wen Shiyu nodded sweetly.

When Feng Shenye was resting, Wen Shiyu took little Bao’er to play in the living room.

Later in the evening, Uncle Chen walked over and reported, “Young Madam, Madam is coming over.”

As she spoke, Pei Xin Yi had walked into the living room.

When she saw Bao’er sitting on the sofa, a loving smile appeared on her face, “Bao’er, Grandma is here to see you.”

“Grandma, why are you here.”

Little Bao’er lifted her head and looked at Pei Xin Yi in surprise, then greeted her cheerfully with her little short legs.

Pei Xingyi hugged the little one into her arms, “Because grandma misses her grandson, do you miss grandma?”

“Yes, I do, I do.”

“Little liar, if you miss grandma, why don’t you come to see her?”

Pei Xin Yi pretended to be unhappy and pinched little Bao’er’s nose.

Little Bao’er playfully spat out his tongue and said petulantly, “Bao’er has only just returned.”

He said, coming forward to give Pei Xin Yi a kiss on the cheek, “Grandma is not angry, anger will grow wrinkles.”

Seeing such a soft and sweet grandson, Pei Xin Yi could not be bothered to pretend to be angry.

She hugged little Bao’er and kissed him for a while.

Wen Shiyu stood quietly watching the two interact with each other with a light smile on her face.

Only when the two stopped did she call out to someone in a good and polite manner, “Mum.”

Pei Xin Yi looked at her, and although the smile on her face faded a few points, she still nodded in response.

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