Always Been Yours Chapter 797

Especially when she thought of the situation she had been in today when she was alone with her mother-in-law, when she had nothing to say, she very much did not want that to happen again.

Thinking of this, she inquired curiously, “Shenye, what hobbies and interests do you think our mother usually has?”

At these words, Feng Shenye instantly understood Wen Shiyu’s intention and told her what he knew.

“My mother likes violin you know, in the future you can talk to her more about music, she also likes to read prose ……”


The next morning, when Wen Shiyu and Feng Shenye got up and went downstairs, they saw Uncle Chen carrying large bags of things to the living room.

“Uncle Chen, what are all these?”

When they went downstairs, Feng Shenye looked at the parcels in the living room and was puzzled.

When Uncle Chen saw the two of them, he first greeted them before explaining with a smile, “These are all bird’s nest tonic products that Madam had someone send over for Young Madam to tonic her body.”

Hearing that her mother-in-law had sent them to tonic her body, Wen Shiyu was quite touched inside.

Feng Shenye was also in a good mood and ordered, “From now on, make a tonic for young madam in the morning and evening.”

“Yes.” Uncle Chen nodded his head and took orders.

At this time, Little Bao’er was also dressed and came down from upstairs.

When he saw the two standing in the living room, he immediately trotted over cheerfully, “Daddy, mummy, good morning.”

“Good morning, Bao’er.”

Wen Shiyu responded with a smile.

Feng Shenye also responded.

The family then talked and laughed as they went to the dining room.

After eating breakfast, Feng Shenye planned to go to the company.

Wen Shiyu didn’t really want him to go to the office, mainly because she was worried about his injuries and frowned, “Can’t you handle it at home?”

Feng Shenye knew that his little wife was concerned about his injuries.

He went up and wrapped his arms around Wen Shiyu, kissed his forehead and said comfortingly, “Don’t worry, I won’t tire myself out, then again, I was gone for too long a while ago, many things have piled up and I must go over there to deal with them.”

“Alright, then you must take care of your rest.”

Wen Shiyu couldn’t but agree.

She sent the person to the door, and after seeing Xu Yan, she held back from explaining, “Keep an eye on your president, don’t let him get too tired.”

“Young Madam, don’t worry, I will definitely take care of the president.”

Xu Yan nodded his head and took orders, then started the car and left.

After arriving at the company, Feng Shenye held several meetings without stopping, and was extremely busy.

Only when it was almost midday did he return to his office and take a short break.

Not long after, Xu Yan knocked on the door and came in.

“President, Mu Wanxian is here.”

“What is she doing here?”

Feng Shenye frowned slightly, but still let Xu Yan bring someone in.

A few minutes later, Mu Wanxian stepped on her thin heels and gracefully followed Xu Yan into the office.

She looked at the handsome man sitting at his desk and could barely hide the longing in her eyes.

Feng Shenye did not notice the difference, his tone was indifferent and detached, “What do you want to do here?”

The man’s official question, Mu Wanxian to say not to be sad that is false, but she still face a smile handed an invitation.

“My company has been renovated and will hold an opening reception, I hope you can come over to support me at that time, it will be the night after tomorrow.”

“I know, I’ll be there then.”

Feng Shenye did not refuse and accepted the invitation.

Because he knew that even if he refused, the old man at home would definitely let him go when he turned around.

Mu Wanxian did not know this.

She was quite happy to see Feng Shenye agree, “Then I will wait for you then.”

Feng Shenye frowned slightly, wanting to say that he didn’t need to wait for him on purpose.

But before he could say anything, he was preempted by Mu Wanxian, “By the way, I heard that you were injured, this is a medicine I took from my friend, it’s very effective for external injuries.”

As she spoke, Mu Wanxian took out a box from her handbag.

Feng Shenye’s eyes narrowed slightly and his eyes turned a few degrees colder.

To be clear, he hadn’t even told his family about his injuries this time, except for a few people close to him who knew about it.

“Who did you hear that from?”

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