Always Been Yours Chapter 799

After hearing his sister’s words, Wen Jingchen reacted with a slight daze.

“No matter, this girl is quite well-behaved and understanding, and she is very efficient and conscientious in her work, and she is also a graduate from a famous foreign university.”

He spoke generally about Gu Shihan and spoke helpfully again, “Having her around has improved my efficiency quite a bit, she’s not what you think she is, and I only see her as an employee.”

Outside the door, Gu Shihan heard Wen Jingchen’s words before she had a chance to leave.

Although there was little reaction on her face, she was chagrined in her heart.

“This wooden head!”

She herself did like him and only came to be his secretary, okay!

Even her sister was suspicious, but this dullard didn’t even think anything about it.

It really P*ssed her off.

Especially when she thought of how long she had been in the company, there were quite a few people pursuing her, but this Wen Jing Chen still treated her like a subordinate!

Was she that unattractive to Wen Jingchen?

“This road of chasing my boyfriend, it seems to be long ……”

Gu Shihan heaved a sigh and turned to leave.

In the office, Wen Shiyu and Wen Jingchen did not know that what they had just talked about had been overheard by Gu Shihan.

Naturally, they also did not know that Gu Shihan actually had impure intentions as well.

Wen Shiyu was very relieved to hear her brother’s explanation, “It’s good that it’s not, I was afraid that another Ling Jing Yuan would come.”

“It won’t happen, what happened last time was enough, the same mistake, I won’t make it a second time.”

Wen Jingchen’s gaze was cold.

Wen Shiyu, however, sounded a little off.

Why did she feel that her brother was planning to keep other girls away from him in the future?

This couldn’t be right!

“Jing Chen, although some girls are bad, there are very many good girls, sister doesn’t want you to let what happened last time affect your future friendships, I’m still waiting to see you get a girlfriend, get married, and give me a cute little niece or nephew in the future.”

“Sister, you’re thinking too far ahead, aren’t you? I haven’t even graduated from university here.”

Wen Jingchen cried and laughed.

Wen Shiyu didn’t think so, “What’s wrong with not graduating, there are also those who didn’t graduate and get married, and there are so many who are in love in college, and you are the only one who hasn’t heard anything.”

“I just wanted to study hard and work on my career at that time.”

“So now that you’ve got your career up and your studies are almost done, shouldn’t you find someone to keep you company?”

Wen Shiyu really wanted someone around her brother who could take care of him instead of her.

After all, in her current situation, she was abroad a lot of the time, while her brother was all alone in the country, and she was really heartbroken.

Then again, with an extra person, her brother would be able to divide some of his attention and not have to be at the office all day long.

She was afraid that one day she would hear the news that her brother had boiled his body to death.

Wen Jingchen looked at her own sister’s serious expression and lost a little laugh.

“Sister, don’t worry about these things for me, the most important thing for you now is to take good care of your health and take care of my little niece, and I’ve also grown up, my goal now is to do well and make the company bigger, as for the matter of marriage, it’s still early.”

Hearing this, Wen Shiyu somewhat disagreed.

Just before she could say anything, Wen Jingchen snatched the words, “Of course if I meet a suitable girl, I will definitely tell you.”

“That’s more like it.”

Wen Shiyu nodded her head in satisfaction.

She then sat with her brother for a while longer before taking Little Treasure back with her.

That evening, when Feng Shenye returned, he saw Wen Shiyu and Little Bao’er playing in the living room.

“Daddy, you’re back.”

Little Bao’er spotted him and immediately trotted happily over to him and stretched out his hands, with a face that begged for a hug.

Feng Shenye doted on her and took her into his arms, bowing his head and saying softly, “What are you playing with your mommy?”

“Mummy and I are playing military chess.” Little Bao’er replied in a milky voice, and said proudly, “Mommy can’t even beat me.”

“Is that so?”

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