Always Been Yours Chapter 802

“I’ll wait for you to come back then.”

Mo Na and Wen Shiyu talked some more about the recent events of the orchestra and hung up the phone.

Putting down the phone, Wen Shiyu thought about the situation of the orchestra and couldn’t help but sigh.

Kathleen was missing, and the violinist for that orchestra, would have to be found again.

Feng Shenye did not know this.

But he heard the conversation between Wen Shiyu and Mona just now and enquired; “Going back?”

“Teacher has already gone back, and you’ve almost recovered from your injuries, so it’s time for me to go too.”

Wen Shiyu nodded her head, but her tone was one of reluctance.

Of course Feng Shenye couldn’t let go either, but he knew that his little wife still had dreams to fulfil, so he wouldn’t stand in the way.

“Decide when to leave, I’ll ask Xu Yan to book a flight for you.”

“Tomorrow, let’s leave early so we can meet up sooner next time too.”

Wen Shiyu decisively gave the time, also because she was afraid that she would not be able to leave if she stayed for a few more days.

Feng Shenye understood and took out his mobile phone to call Xu Yan.

Little Bao’er happened to come out from cla*s and heard his daddy’s voice on the phone.

“Mommy, are you leaving?”

He anxiously trotted up to Wen Shiyu, his face was a million times reluctant, “Mommy, I don’t want you to leave.”

Wen Shiyu’s heart was soft at once, “Mommy can’t let go of Bao’er either, it’s just that Mommy ……”

The latter words, before she could say them, were preempted by the understanding little treasure.

“I know, mummy wants to fulfill her dream, Bao’er will support mummy.”

Looking at such an understanding little one, Wen Shiyu couldn’t help but have red eyes, and she didn’t want to leave even more.

She wanted to stay and keep little Bao’er and Feng Shenye company, but reason eventually won out over emotion.


The next morning, the family of three had a warm breakfast and then went to the airport.

Wen Jingchen also rushed over at this time.

In the waiting room, little Bao’er was crying uncontrollably.

Although he had said yesterday that he could understand, it was really hard for him when Mummy had to leave.

“Mummy, you must take good care of yourself.”

He was teary-eyed as he huffed and puffed and admonished Wen Shiyu.

Wen Shiyu was so distressed that she hugged him in her arms to comfort him, “Be a good boy, don’t cry, when Mommy is free, I will come back to see you.

Only after a series of consolations did little Bao’er’s mood stabilize.

Wen Shiyu handed the little one to Feng Shenye and explained uneasily, “I’m leaving, remember to rub the medicine on time, don’t work too hard when you work, remember to eat on time, I’ll ask Jing Chen to keep an eye on you.”

It was already the next day when they arrived in Vienna.

After Wen Shiyu got off the plane, the family’s driver was already waiting outside the airport.

Sitting in the car, she sent messages to Feng Shenye and her brother separately that they had arrived safely.

After some rest and recuperation, she went to report to the orchestra in the afternoon.

When she arrived, she saw her busy teacher in the corridor, her face a little haggard and her spirits very low.

Hathaway also saw Wen Shiyu at this time, and her eyes were a little complicated.



Wen Shiyu nodded gently.

Hathaway looked disinterested and said indifferently, “Since you’re back, then go train.”

With those words, she no longer paid any attention to Wen Shiyu, and there was still an aura of distancing all over her body.

Wen Shiyu naturally noticed that her teacher’s attitude towards her was much colder, and felt a bit uncomfortable in her heart.

At this time, a few people who were usually close to Kathleen came over.

When they saw Wen Shiyu, their eyes instantly became unkind.

“Some people are really thick-skinned, they have sent other people’s daughters to jail, but they still have the face to come back.”

“If this cheek isn’t thick, can she sit in the position of the Second Regiment’s chief violinist?”

“If it were me who did such a thing, I would have resigned long ago, how could I have the face to come back.”

Hearing these shady taunts, Wen Shiyu’s face was very unpleasant.

And after those people finished their sarcasm, they left in pairs.

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