Always Been Yours Chapter 816

Feng Shenye ignored it, his gaze falling on Hathaway, who was drenched in grief.

He sympathised with Hathaway for losing her daughter, but that didn’t mean he allowed Hathaway to take it all out on Wen Shiyu.

After all, his wife had done nothing wrong.

“In fact, you know very well in your heart that Kathleen could have not had to go this far, she had the chance to change her ways, but she gave up that chance herself.”

Hathaway clutched the sheet in a death grip, dumbfounded by the comment.

Her daughter had had several chances to change her ways, but …… her daughter was dead!

Looking at the silent woman, Feng Shenye knew that she was running away, his voice could not help but be a few degrees colder, “I know you do not want to face this reality, but if the identity was switched at the beginning, it was not me who was in trouble, but my wife and son, not to mention my wife, or my unborn child, and how innocent he was, he did not even see a glimpse of the world, not even the qualification to cry out for injustice! ”

Faced with this word for word questioning, Hathaway was tormented inside.

She also knew she shouldn’t blame Wen Shiyu, but she couldn’t control …… she only had one daughter.

Tears kept falling from her eyes.

Looking at Hathaway who was silently shedding tears, even though she didn’t say anything, Feng Shenye still read her expression.

He sighed and said in a softer voice, “Ms. Hathaway, you are my wife’s teacher, and I should show respect to you as well, but this matter, indeed, is not my wife’s fault, she is very worried about you and blames herself for it, she even stayed up all night last night, and until I arrived today, she was still having a hard time.”

Hathaway pursed her lips and gently turned her head away, as if refusing to listen to the words.

Feng Shenye was expecting this, so he didn’t care.

“You accepted her as your pupil because of her talent, but your daughter was jealous of her and targeted her at every turn, even damaging her multi-million dollar violin, and even threatening her with threats, but she never took it personally for your sake. She has never provoked Cathleen, and now you are asking her to take the blame for this?”

The last words made Hathaway’s heart tremble.

A moment of weakness and guilt was woven through her heart, and the death of her daughter was weighing her down.

She knew she couldn’t blame Wen Shiyu, but-

“If she could forgive Kathleen so many times, why can’t she see my face again and let Kathleen off the hook this time?”

She looked straight at Feng Shenye with sadness.

Feng Shenye almost laughed in anger.

This was really a rising rice enmity.

“If someone wants your daughter’s life, can you forgive?”

Of course not.

Hathaway answered silently in her heart.

As if Feng Shenye understood, he continued, “Look, since you can’t even forgive, how can you ask my wife to do so?”

Hathaway was left speechless.

Seeing this, Feng Shenye also knew that this matter was already a knot that could not be untied, so he simply gave up persuasion and said coldly, “If you really want to hate, you might as well come to hate me, I was the one who prevented Laurian from rescuing Cathleen out, because people who have done wrong have to pay the price after all.”

Here he paused, his voice low and grave, “I’m sorry for Cathleen’s death, and I ask for your condolences, besides, I don’t think it’s appropriate for Tokiya to study with you anymore, so her contract with you, ends here!”

Hathaway’s body shook as she looked at Feng Shenye in disbelief.

“Is this Wen Shiyu’s intention?”

“No, it was a decision I made unilaterally, and I haven’t told her yet.”

Feng Shenye raised his eyes and looked back at Hai Xuwei, saying in a deep voice: “Actually, I’ve been considering this matter before, but my wife respects you, and you’ve been fair and just in the world before, not letting my wife suffer once, but this time, I think it’s better to end it at this point.”

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