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Always Been Yours Chapter 819

“Miss Wen, do you have a moment? Let’s meet.”

Wen Shiyu froze, seemingly a little overwhelmed by Hathaway’s indifferent and distant tone, and a trace of difficulty crossed her eyes.

There was a few seconds of silence before she spoke slowly, her voice a little hoarse, “I have time, where did you say we should meet.”

“You come here.”

Hathaway gave an address and hung up the phone.

Half an hour later, Feng Shenye led Wen Shiyu to arrive in front of an exquisitely decorated and elegant villa.

This was Hathaway’s home.

At this moment, white gauze was hanging on the villa’s front door, signalling that someone had pa*sed away in this house.

Seeing this scene, Wen Shiyu’s already calm heart touched again.

When they walked into the living room, they found Hathaway already sitting on the sofa, wearing a long black dress with a white paper flower pinned to her chest, her whole body oozing sadness.

“Teacher ……”

Wen Shiyu wanted to say a few words of comfort, only to be interrupted by Hathaway just as she opened her mouth.

“You’re not my student anymore, call me Ms. Hathaway.”

Wen Shiyu’s expression instantly dimmed, her heart was very uncomfortable and sad.

She bit her lower lip and bowed her head in apologetic apology, “I’m sorry, I didn’t expect things to come to this point.”

“You don’t need to tell me you’re sorry when you didn’t do anything wrong, it’s just that I can’t continue to work with you anymore.”

Hathaway shook her head and did not accept the apology.

When Wen Shiyu saw this, it was hard to feel inside.

Feng Shenye felt her sadness and held one of her hands tightly, as if to give her strength.

The small gestures of the two youngsters were not seen by Hathaway, who greeted them and seated them.

After sitting down, she went straight to the point and said in a calm voice: “Today I called you here, mainly for one thing, although I agreed to terminate the contract, but your talent and talent, the future will have a long way to go, master and disciple a, I have a few friends on my side, can introduce you, of course I will also explain to them your side of the situation, when the time comes, they will certainly reuse you properly. ”

Wen Shiyu was momentarily stunned.

Because she did not expect her teacher to consider this for her, she felt very uncomfortable inside.

Feng Shenye was also a little surprised, and at the same time, he also gave Hathaway a higher regard.

Hathaway took the two people’s surprised looks in her eyes and her eyes fell on Wen Shiyu, “What do you think?”

“I ……”

Wen Shiyu hesitated and said with a little choke in her voice, “I respect your choice.”

As she was leaving, she couldn’t help but stop when she walked to the living room foyer.

“I have a question to ask you.”

She turned sharply, her eyes focused on Hathaway.

Hathaway was slightly stunned and said, “You ask.”

“Do you later regret …… taking me in?”

When saying these words, Wen Shiyu was actually very nervous in her heart.

Hathaway, however, was slow to respond.

This made Wen Shiyu’s heart keep sinking.

Just when she was about to give up, Hathaway’s hoarse and low voice came to her ears.

“Shouldn’t regret it ……”

With these words, Wen Shiyu felt much better inside.

She looked at Hathaway with an unusually serious expression and said in a firm voice, “Whether you recognize me as a student or not, I will treat you as a benefactor for the rest of my life.”

After finishing her words, she pulled Feng Shenye and turned to leave.

On the way back, she leaned on Feng Shenye and cried silently.

Her tears soaked up Feng Shenye’s shirt.

In the car, Feng Shenye felt the sadness emanating from Wen Shiyu’s body and said nothing, just held her tightly in his arms, silently accompanying her.

When it came time to get off the bus, Wen Shiyu was still immersed in grief.

Feng Shenye had no choice but to carry her directly to the car and back to the room.

Wen Shiyu was still crying uncontrollably.

Looking back on such a long time, she had really put her teacher in her heart and respected him, and had never thought that she would go her separate way from him.

She didn’t know how long it had been, but she had finally cried enough.

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