Always Been Yours Chapter 836

Sofia was even more astonished.

After only one year of study, this child had achieved so much.

For a moment, her heart grew heavier with a sense of appreciation for talent.

After a few moments of thought, she looked at Wen Shiyu with a serious expression, “As you said, Bao’er is very talented, if he learns the violin from a young age, his future achievements will be immeasurable.

Wen Shiyu was stunned.

The teacher had actually taken the initiative to take little Bao’er.

After a moment’s daze, she was inwardly happy for Xiao Bao’er.

But she didn’t say yes immediately for little Bao’er.

Although she wanted Bao’er to develop in music, everyone had their own ideas, so she needed to consult Bao’er.

“Bao’er, would you like to learn to play the violin with your teacher?”

Little Bao’er blinked.

At this moment, he had understood that this old grandmother had just asked him so many questions because she wanted to take him as her apprentice.

“Hello, Granny Teacher.”

He was very resourceful and immediately established the relationship on the spot.

Sofia instantly burst into laughter when she heard the milky-voiced Grandma Master.

Sofia hugged little Bao’er lovingly, and her originally serious expression became very loving.

She actually had a son, but he was into art and had told her early on that he intended to stay married for life for the sake of art.

It could be said that this was the regret of her life.

That’s why Xiao Bao’er’s words just now really spoke to her heart.

“Bao’er, call out to Grandma Shi once more.”

Little Bao’er was also a clever girl.

Knowing that Sofia liked herself, she immediately used her most adorable and soft voice and shouted, “Grandma Master.”

“Ai ……”

Sofia’s heart melted directly by his call, thinking to herself, how nice it would be if this was her grandson.

It was a pity, but it didn’t stop her from liking the little treasure.

She hugged the little one into her arms and said with a gentle expression, “Yesterday when you came, Grandma Shi was so busy examining your mummy that she forgot to prepare a meeting gift for you, so today Grandma Shi will make it up to you.”

As she spoke, she called the maid and asked him to fetch a violin from the piano room.

Soon the maid returned with a violin of very fine and unique workmanship and a very historical look.

Sofia touched the violin lovingly, as if it were her own child, and said softly, “This violin is one of the ones I have treasured for many years, not much more expensive, but with a very unique sound, and now I am giving it to you, hoping that you will take it with you and make something of yourself musically in the future.”

Little Bao’er looked at the expensive violin in front of her and turned her head to seek her mummy’s help.

Wen Shiyu also came back to her senses from her surprise at this time.

Xiao Bao’er might not know this violin, but she did.

This violin was one of the world famous unique sounding ‘La Font’ violins, worth millions.

“Teacher …… this is too expensive a gift for a meeting.”

“Even more expensive, it is still a violin and needs a good player.”

Sofia directly retorted and no longer gave Wen Shiyu a chance to refuse, forcefully saying, “And this violin I am giving to my new young apprentice, what are you refusing?”

Wen Shiyu smiled, and was even more speechless.

In the end, she nodded gently to Xiao Bao’er.

Since it was a kind gesture from the teacher, then don’t refuse it, lest you break the teacher’s heart.

Little Bao’er was also extremely discerning.

After seeing that his mummy gave him is eyes, he thanked her nicely, “Thank you for the violin, Grandma Teacher, Bao’er will definitely practice his violin well.”

That soft and cuddly look made Sofia rare.

She played with Bao’er affectionately for a while, and then discussed with Wen Shiyu about the future lesson time.

“Since we have an extra Bao’er now, I’m afraid that two hours of teaching per day in the future won’t be enough, and you and Bao’er are not at the same pace.”

“I’ll listen to the teacher’s arrangements.”


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