Always Been Yours Chapter 839

If Bao’er became his student, there would be absolutely no harm but good!

Although Feng Shenye had convinced Feng Tianyi and his wife, the old man still did not agree.

With a strong attitude, he demanded of Feng Shenye, “I don’t care how powerful that music teacher is, I won’t allow Bao’er to stay abroad with that woman Wen Shiyu, you go abroad now and bring Bao’er back to me.”

“I won’t go.”

Feng Shenye refused, moreover, he did not like the old man interfering in his family affairs in everything.

When the old man looked at Feng Shenye, who was indifferent, his anger was rising and he scolded, “You must go even if you don’t. I will not allow that woman Wen Shiyu to delay Bao’er.”

“Shiyu won’t delay Bao’er, she’s just better for Bao’er.”

Feng Shenye retorted with an unhappy face and a strong tone, “Grandpa, you are old now, I want you to enjoy your happiness at home instead of still presuming to manipulate anything.”

Hearing these words, the old man was furious.

“What kind of attitude is that, you think I’m in charge too much, I’m telling you, I’m doing this for Bao’er’s own good, him following that woman Wen Shiyu will only ruin him.”

“Then this worry of yours is totally superfluous, still the same, Bao’er will only be better off with Shiyu, and even if Bao’er leaves here, it won’t necessarily be worse than staying at home, I will arrange for him to be taught by the best teachers.”

Faced with the unrelenting old man, Feng Shenye’s face was poor, and his patience was running out little by little, “Don’t worry, my son, in the future, will not be worse than anyone else, and I hope you have some confidence in me, besides, after so long, can’t you still not see my determination?”

These words made the old man, who was ready to continue his big speech, choke instantly.

“Fine, fine, fine, now that your wings are hardened, I can’t control you anymore.”

With those words, he left angrily.

Feng Tianyi and his wife were a little worried about the old man and urged Butler He to go upstairs and check.

Only after learning that the old man was fine did the couple turn their heads to look at their eldest son, who was sitting on the sofa in a low-pressure state.

Pei Xin Yi persuaded, “Bao’er has never left our side before, it’s normal that the old man can’t accept it, can’t you just discuss it properly with your grandfather, you have to be angry with him?”

“My brother would like to talk it over, but does he give my brother a chance?”

Feng Shenjin sat next to him and couldn’t help but speak for his brother.

Pei Xin Yi immediately glared at him, “Do you have the right to speak here? Stay honest.”


Feng Shenjin’s heart was stuffed, he was sent by his family’s phone bill, right, he didn’t even have the right to speak.

Feng Shenye indifferently turned to his parents, his tone was unquestionable: “I will not change what Bao’er is studying abroad.”

The couple looked at each other and knew that once Feng Shenye had made his decision, he would never change it.

“Alright, since you have already decided, we won’t say anything more, after all, you won’t harm Bao’er, as for your grandfather, you will always accept it if you give him some time.”

Feng Tianyi persuaded Feng Shenye.

Feng Shenye nodded his head.

The two of them talked about Bao’er’s living arrangements abroad.

“That girl is also pregnant with a child now, plus she has to take care of Bao’er, I’m afraid it will be very hard, you should send more people over to take care of them.”

“I know, I’ll arrange for someone to go over and take care of them specifically.”

The matter was settled in this way.

Wen Shiyu did not yet know that the Feng family elders had already agreed.

When she was on a video call with Feng Shenye in the evening, she asked about it with some concern.

“Before I asked you to tell the family that Bao’er will study abroad with me in the future, did dad …… mum and the others agree?”

“Don’t worry, I’ve taken care of them, afterwards Bao’er will study with you abroad.”

Little Bao’er jumped and jumped happily when she heard her daddy’s words next to her.

“Great, from now on, Bao’er will be able to spend time with Mommy every day.”

Looking at the cheering little one, Wen Shiyu and Feng Shenye’s eyes were full of doting.


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