Always Been Yours Chapter 843

At these words, the smile on Feng Shenye’s mouth deepened by a few points.

Although Shiyu didn’t know the true relationship between her and Bao’er, she was now really thinking about Bao’er.

“You don’t need to worry about this, I’ve already made all the arrangements, the teachers should all be in place tomorrow.”

Wen Shiyu was a little surprised, and felt that Feng Shenye had considered everything, quite fortunate.

“Thank you.”

She smiled sweetly at Feng Shenye.

Feng Shenye said with a gentle expression, “I should.”

The two of them got involved for a while longer.

Feng Shenye then urged, “It’s very late, go to bed now.”

“Then you remember to take care of your rest, don’t get too busy and not know how to eat.”

Wen Shiyu uneasily admonished.

Feng Shenye smiled and nodded his head.

After the call hung up, he put the phone down and started working on the documents.

Later in the evening, Xu Yan knocked on the door and walked in, respectfully reporting, “President, Miss Mu Wanxian is here.”

“What is she doing here again?”

Feng Shenye frowned, impatience in his eyes.

Even so, he asked Xu Yan to bring her over.

In the quiet lift, Mu Wanxian looked at her appearance in the mirror in the lift.

The more she looked, the more satisfied she was, and her flaming red lips curved up into a nice curve.

In order to meet Feng Shenye today, she had deliberately gone home and changed into a dress.

Although it was a winter dress, the design was very flattering and showed off all of her beautiful figure, elegant and sensual without losing her feminine charm.

It also appeared that she was more gentle and soft than usual.

And the reason she attached so much importance to it was because she knew that Wen Shiyu had taken Bao’er back to Vienna two days ago.

Now that the people who were in the way were gone, Mu Wanxian knew that her chance had come.

“No matter what, the person who stands by Shen Ye’s side can only be me, and only I am the most suitable for Shen Ye!”

She vowed with determination to the mirror.

Just as the words left her mouth, the lift doors dinged open.

Xu Yan stood outside pensively and politely said, “Miss Mu, this way please.”

Mu Wanxian nodded slightly and elegantly followed him to the president’s office on his high heels.

When she entered the office, Mu Wanxian looked at the man at the desk whose aura was as dignified as an emperor’s, and the adoration in her eyes could barely be hidden.

The moment Feng Shenye looked up, she suppressed the fluttering in her heart.

“Shenye, I’m disturbing you again.”

She gave a delicate smile and took the initiative to greet Feng Shenye, also trying her best to present her perfect self.

Feng Shenye nodded coldly and asked in a business-like tone, “What is your business here today?”

Faced with such a man who was indifferent to her beauty, it would be false to say that Mu Wanxian was not devastated.

She was inwardly disappointed, was she so inferior to that woman Wen Shiyu?

Although she was a little angry in her heart, her face was unchanged with a smile.

“It’s like this, I’ve recently negotiated a few orders and I think I might not be able to eat them with my company alone, so I want to find you to cooperate.”

Ever since her father found out she was starting a business in China, he had helped her to bridge the gap and take on several projects abroad.

It was just that these projects were huge, and with her current company’s ability, it was impossible for her to develop them independently, so she wanted to pull Feng Shenye along.

This would not only increase her chances of getting in touch with Feng Shenye, but would also show Feng Shenye and the elders of the Feng family what she was capable of.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

“Have you brought the project plan?”

“I did, let me show you.”

Mu Wanxian handed over the project plan she had brought over, her beautiful eyes flashing.

Feng Shenye lowered his head and looked at it carefully.

After all, Feng’s Group did not accept all projects.

The few projects of Mu Wanxian’s company were all big ones, and many groups had even approached them for cooperation, but in the end, they were all rejected by Mu Wanxian.

A few minutes later, Feng Shenye finished reading all the projects and felt that he could cooperate for the sake of interest.


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