Always Been Yours Chapter 846

Reacting, Wen Shiyu was a little surprised.

It was little Bao’er who pouted unhappily.

Feng Shenye had paid attention to the two people’s expressions.

He was slightly relieved to see that Wen Shiyu did not look unhappy.

“Miss Mu, your takeaway is perhaps way off, go out and ask the a*sistant.”

He gave Mu Wanxian an expulsion order with a cold face, not wanting this woman to disturb their family time anymore.

Of course, Mu Wanxian also knew Feng Shenye’s intention, and it was hard for her heart.

But there was no reason for her to stay, so she could only leave resentfully.

As she walked out, she turned around and stared at the office door, her heart itching with hatred.

At the same time, she knew that she could no longer sit around and wait for death.

Otherwise Feng Shenye would not be able to snatch her back.

After Mu Wanxian left, Wen Shiyu didn’t ask about this person either.

She had already guessed in her heart that the young lady should have appeared in Shen Ye’s office because of official business.

However, although she did not ask, Feng Shenye still took the initiative to explain.

“The one just now is Mu Wanxian, their family and our family are family friends, and during this period of time, she is starting a business in China, and the two companies have cooperation.”

Listening to the man’s explanation, Wen Shiyu smiled sweetly.

“Don’t worry, I’m not imagining things, I still have trust in you, so you don’t need to explain to me, I know all about it.”

Feng Shenye nodded his head.

At this time little Bao’er squeezed over and lectured as a human child, “Daddy, you have to be good, don’t let other aunties come near you, you can’t be sorry for mummy.”

Wen Shiyu lost her smile, and her heart was even warmer.

She felt that she must have saved the Milky Way in her last life to have such a cute son and a husband who cared so much about her in this life.

Feng Shenye looked dotingly at the little one in the video.

His gentle eyes fell on little Bao’er, his eyebrows raised slightly as he said lightly, “Do I still need you to remind me?”

“I’m not afraid that daddy will forget.”

The little one wrinkled his nose and hummed softly.

Feng Shenye was helpless, “Children should not worry about this, protect mommy over there, do you know?”

“Of course I know, and I’m not a child, I’m already a little man.”

Little Bao’er proudly puffed out his little chest.

Wen Shiyu and Feng Shenye were both amused by the little one.

Later in the evening, it was already very late and Feng Shenye urged Wen Shiyu to go and rest.

After all, there was a time difference between the two countries.

On the other hand, Mu Wanxian finished her lunch and, without resting, went to knock on the president’s office door.

“Shenye, can I come in?”

In fact, she was deliberately in such a hurry to get here.

She didn’t know if Feng Shenye was still on the phone with Wen Shiyu at this moment.

Of course, it would be best if there was none.

But if they were still in contact, she would naturally have to end their call on the pretext of official business.

In short, with her around, she would not allow Feng Shenye’s attention to be on another woman.

When she entered the office, Mu Wanxian saw the man who was already sitting in his desk dealing with official business, and the corners of her mouth lifted up in a nice curve.

She thought she was being virtuous and spoke, “Since you’re busy, then I’ll wait until you’re done and we can continue our discussion.”

“No need.”

Feng Shenye refused outright and walked away from his desk, picking up the project files and starting to get into work on the topic they had stopped before.

He wanted to find some point to finish the project, and save Mu Wanxian from coming to him every day.

Mu Wanxian is such a smart person, naturally she understood Feng Shenye’s intention, and her hands were clenched tightly in distress.

Unfortunately, there was nothing else she could do but to follow Feng Shenye and talk about business matters again.

During the break, she tried to find a topic to chat with Feng Shenye.

But Feng Shenye continued to work as if he hadn’t heard her, going about his business as usual.

Seeing this, Mu Wanxian was somewhat unhappy in her heart.

She felt that the conversation between herself and Feng Shenye seemed to be limited to work.

Apart from work, it was as if this man had nothing more to say to himself.


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