Always Been Yours Chapter 859

She thought she was starting to look different in Shen Ye’s heart, but it seems that she had made a fool of herself.

As she had no reason to stay, she simply left, so as not to displease Feng Shenye any more.

That evening, she went to the Feng family’s old mansion with gifts.

“Grandpa Feng, I’ve come to see you, how has your health been these two days?”

Hearing the girl’s caring greeting, the old man was very flattered and said amiably, “I’m fine, but you, is the company going well these days? Has anyone been looking for trouble with you.”

“It’s going well. Besides, with Shen Ye and Second Younger helping out, no one dares to find me in trouble.”

Mu Wanxian knew what the old man wanted to hear and did not leave any traces of her praise for Feng Shenye and his brothers.

At the end of the conversation, she was a little embarra*sed, “Speaking of which, I’m quite embarra*sed to have troubled Shen Ye a lot this time.”

“What’s not to be embarra*sed about, in the future, if you need anything, you can go to Shen Ye, he promised your grandfather to take good care of you.”

The old man did hope that the two would get along more.

Because more than Wen Shiyu, who was engaged in music, he actually hoped that the woman beside Shen Ye was a woman who could a*sist him in the shopping mall.

At these words, Mu Wanxian thought that the old man was supporting himself as usual and smiled even more nicely.

“With this word from Grandpa Feng, then I won’t be polite with Shen Ye in the future.”

Although she said this, she knew very well in her heart that if she wanted to be with Shen Ye, the support of the old man was not enough, she needed Shen Ye to change his mind about her.

Thinking of this, she suddenly made a lost expression and turned to the old man with a desire to say something.

The old man noticed the difference in her eyes and said with concern, “What’s wrong with you? Why are you suddenly unhappy?”

“It’s nothing really, it’s just that I feel that the few times I’ve approached Shen Ye, he seems a little defensive towards me, and I’m wondering if Shen Ye has some misunderstanding towards me in terms of his feelings?”

When Mu Wanxian finished speaking, she looked at the old man expectantly, hoping that he could give her a tip.

At the same time, she also wanted to take this opportunity to make some things clear.

Unexpectedly, after hearing this, the old man did not say anything.

Of course, it was also because he could see through Mu Wanxian’s mind right away.

Although he wanted Mu Wanxian to get close to Shenye, the situation at the moment was no longer suitable for him to do anything explicitly.

Then again, since Bao’er had been picked up, and the previous quarrel, this boy Shen Ye had not come to apologise to himself so far.

Looking at the silent old man, who seemed to have no intention of standing up for himself, Mu Wanxian’s heart thumped.

Could it be that the old man had already begun to accept Wen Shiyu’s existence?

She frowned slightly and thought to herself, this was not a good sign.

On the contrary, Wen Shiyu was abroad and had been training, and there was nothing that would allow anyone to catch a small glimpse of her.

When she thought of this, Mu Wanxian secretly gritted her teeth, her heart unwillingly.

Even so, she did not show her face and accompanied the old man to dinner.

During the meal, she no longer mentioned the matter with Shen Ye, but picked out the things that the old man liked to talk about, and made him happy.

The old man was pleased to see that Mu Wanxian had such a good eye.

Later in the evening, after dinner, Mu Wanxian saw that it was getting late, so she took the initiative to say goodbye.

When she came out, her face instantly fell.

She had thought that the old man was supportive of her, but now she had to think long and hard about it.

And these were things that Wen Shiyu knew nothing about.

After meeting her senior sister and senior brother, she resumed her daily training routine.

Little Bao’er was also studying violin in the morning and receiving lessons from her home teacher in the afternoon, so her school work was very heavy.

Wen Shiyu was so distressed that Xiao Bao’er had to learn so much every day that she came back as early as possible in the evenings to look after her personally.

Because of her company, Xiao Bao’er was very well behaved and studied very hard every day.

“Mummy, the teacher gave me a quiz today and I got a perfect score.”

When she returned this day, Xiao Bao’er looked at Wen Shiyu with a begging face.

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