Always Been Yours Chapter 862

But even so, she wouldn’t give up!

On the other hand, Sophia had already talked to Karen about the situation of the Sixth Regiment.

“The exact members of the Sixth Regiment have been confirmed so far, but the Chief and Deputy Chief have never been decided, and I’ve been indecisive about the candidates for these two positions.”

Karen spelled out his biggest problem right now.

As Sofia listened, she swept a thoughtful glance around the group members standing to the side and instructed, “You guys play a song for me to hear.”

With that, she walked over to the lounge chair directly in front of her and waited to listen.

The other members froze and all became excited.

It was clear that Sophia was going to coach them.

Within a few moments, the practice room was filled with magnificent and beautiful music.

Everyone was at their best, almost playing beyond their expectations.

One of the most outstanding performances was that of Susan.

If someone from outside the profession had listened, they would have thought it was heavenly, but Sofia found many problems.

And it was Susan who had the most serious problems.

At the end of the song, everyone looked at Sofia expectantly.

Sophia lived up to the expectations, pointing out the problematic ones individually and giving brief instructions.

When it was Susan’s turn, she frowned and said objectively, “There’s no denying that your performance was the best in the whole group, whether in terms of technique, or musicality, or stage presence, it was quite old-fashioned, but you have too much of your own style, and that style is very similar to others, and as a result, you can’t integrate into the group, resulting in your performance, which has become otherworldly in the whole orchestra. ”

After hearing Sophia’s words, the other members of the group also whispered and discussed.

“Susan’s musical style is indeed too strong and independent to blend in with us.”

“I don’t know why, but I always felt that Susan seemed to have Kathleen’s style.”

“You feel that way too, I feel that way too, I thought it was just me?”

“Don’t say it, Susan and Kathleen’s styles are really too similar.”

Hearing these words, Susan looked a little uncomfortable.

She knew, of course, that it was indeed her own problem.

After all, she had been Kathleen for more than twenty years, and some of her habits had already melted into her bones away.

Even if she deliberately tried to change them, she would always inadvertently carry shades of the past with her.

Thinking of this, she forcibly suppressed the strange feeling in her heart and explained, “I have always liked Cathleen’s musical style before, so I have always learnt her style of interpretation, don’t worry, senior Sofia, I will adjust my style as soon as possible to blend with the orchestra’s style.”

Sofia nodded her head and continued to instruct the others.

Unknowingly, the morning pa*sed like this.

Sofia finished her instruction and took Karen to the practice room where Wen Shiyu was.

“Sensei, Senior Brother Karen.”

“Grandma Teacher, Uncle Karen.”

Wen Shiyu and Xiao Bao’er saw them enter and immediately stopped practising, calling out to them in a good manner.

Sofia nodded her head and said with concern, “How are you, are you getting used to being here?”

“It’s fine.”

Wen Shiyu responded with a smile, and took the initiative to report on her and Xiao Bao’er’s practice.

Sofia was satisfied and nodded, “Let’s go, come with me to dinner.”

Wen Shiyu did not refuse and followed her teacher with Little Treasure.

The other two sisters who were with her, apart from Karen, also came with her.

During the meal, Jenny and Dani also asked with concern, “Karen, today the teacher is giving you a personal sitting, how is it, have you chosen the principal and vice-principal of your orchestra yet?”

“Not yet.”

Karen shook his head.

The choice of these two positions was killing him.

Originally he was very keen on Susan, but the teacher’s side was not happy.

As if she could see his thoughts, Sofia suddenly spoke up, “That Susan is not bad, but it’s not quite enough to be used as the chief, and her ability is not as good as Shiyu’s.”

Hearing her mummy being praised, little Bao’er sat next to her with a proud face and said, “My mummy is very good, she plays a very good tune.”

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