Always Been Yours Chapter 866

“Thank you, Mr. Pei, for your concern.”

Wen Shiyu was quite grateful in her heart.

Ever since she met Teacher Pei, he had helped her a lot, and felt lucky to have such a friend.

Thinking about it, she was concerned, “How is Teacher Pei doing these days?”

“I’m ah, still performing everywhere as before.”

Pei Shixi roughly described his recent situation, with a bit of helplessness in his tone, “No, it’s only been a couple of days since I came back, and I’m leaving again.”

Looking at the man’s reluctant expression, Wen Shiyu laughed and teased, “Mr. Pei, if other people heard that, they would be jealous, isn’t it good to have a performance?”

“Of course it’s good to have performances, but I’ll be very tired if I perform so often.”

“So Mr. Bae is having pain and pleasure.”

Wen Shiyu winked playfully at Pei Shixi, her voice very pleasant.

Pei Shixi looked at the smiling girl in front of him in a daze, and a strange sentiment crossed the bottom of his eyes.

Unfortunately, Wen Shiyu didn’t notice.

After laughing and joking, she wished from the bottom of her heart, “I hope your performance goes well this time.”


Next, the two exchanged music like normal friends.

During this time, Little Bao’er stayed by Wen Shiyu’s side in a good manner.

After a while, someone came to the restaurant again, and it was Susan.

She had been a regular customer of the restaurant when she was still Kathleen.

Originally she had only come here on a whim, but she had never expected to run into Wen Shiyu and Pei Shixi.

Looking at the two of them talking and laughing, her eyes immediately clouded over.

But very quickly, she suppressed the anger in her heart and walked over with an eager smile raised on her face.

“Miss Wen, Bao’er, what a coincidence, I didn’t expect to run into you here.”

Looking at Susan, who suddenly appeared and smiled with a harmless face, Wen Shiyu was stunned for a moment.

Pei Shixi was also slightly surprised, because the girl in front of her was really too exquisite looking.

But that was all.

He looked at Wen Shiyu suspiciously and enquired, “Who is this?”

“She’s a member of Sofia’s band, called Susan.”

Wen Shiyu politely introduced both parties, “This is my friend, Pei Shixi.”

Originally, she thought that the girl would leave after saying hello, but she didn’t expect ……

“I’ve long heard of senior Bae’s great name, I didn’t expect Miss Wen to be friends with senior Bae, and I even didn’t expect to meet senior Bae here, I’m truly too happy.”

Susan looked at Pei Shixi with the look of a fan girl, adoringly.

Although Bae Se Hee felt that this girl was a bit enthusiastic, he still nodded politely, “Hello.”

Susan looked at the gentlemanly man in front of her and a glint of light crossed the bottom of her eyes.

“Senior Pei, since you are Miss Wen’s friend, can I sit next to you, I have a few questions about music that I would like to ask you.”

Hearing this, Wen Shiyu was embarra*sed next to her.

Wasn’t this person too self-conscious?

Hearing the girl’s words, Pei Shixi had no problem with it and moved inwards, “You can sit down.”

Of course, the reason he agreed was actually because of Wen Shiyu’s face.

Susan naturally saw it too, but pretended not to know anything and immediately sat down joyfully.

“Thank you, senior Pei, you are really as nice and kind as the rumours.”

She smiled like a flower and looked at Pei Shixi, completely transforming into a fan girl, saying all kinds of nice words outward as if she didn’t want money.

Looking at such an enthusiastic Susan, Wen Shiyu inwardly didn’t know why, but she always felt that this girl was full of incongruity.

Although she looked happy, but the smile on her face always made people feel strange, the kind of smile that did not reach the bottom of her eyes.

But Miss Pei had already agreed, so even if she didn’t like it, she couldn’t say anything.

After taking her seat, Susan didn’t care whether she was causing Pei Shixi any trouble or not, and started asking all sorts of questions that smacked of clamouring for attention.

“Senior Bae, I saw that performance of yours in July, and because I particularly liked the ‘Introduction and Fantasy Rondo’ that you played, I went out to learn this one, but there are a few turns in the middle that I can’t handle, can you teach me?”


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