Always Been Yours Chapter 871


The next afternoon, Wen Shiyu came to Simon’s house with the composed tune.

“Take a look, teacher, this is the a*signment you gave me yesterday.”

She handed the score to Simon and waited apprehensively.

Simon looked down to examine it, but the more he looked at it, the more surprised he was.

At first, because he had decided to teach Wen Shiyu, he had deliberately conducted a mapping test on this child, so he was also well aware of how poor this child’s foundation was.

But now, the tune she produced, although not up to his requirements, was able to pa*s with him.

You know, even pa*sing with him has very high requirements.

“Not bad, great progress, you can pa*s with me.”

Simon put down the score with satisfaction.

Wen Shiyu froze, seemingly in disbelief, and couldn’t help but make sure again, “Did I really pa*s?”

“Yes, you pa*sed.”

Simon nodded his head to confirm.

Reacting, Wen Shiyu was overjoyed.

Looking at the girl with a bright smile, Simon said sternly although he couldn’t bear to hit her, “Pa*sing is just my introduction here, I will only demand more and more from you in the future.”

“I know, I will definitely study hard.”

Seeing this, Wen Shiyu immediately curbed her smile and nodded her head seriously.

And with the rest of her studies, she did indeed do just that.

Coupled with the fact that she had a very high level of comprehension, usually when she encountered something she didn’t understand, she could understand it with just a little nudge from Simon.

In response, Simon praised Wen Shiyu more than once to Sofia, and said that this was the first time he had taught a student so easily.

In the blink of an eye, it was almost the end of the month.

Feng Shenye still had a lot of work on his hands, and he left early and came home late almost every day.

Wen Shiyu saw all this in her eyes and was heartbroken to know that Feng Shenye was so busy to come over to be with her and Bao’er.

When she made the video call in the evening, she couldn’t help but admonish, “Don’t work too hard, if you can’t finish your work, you can come over two days later, your health is most important.”

“But I want to see you and Bao’er sooner.”

Feng Shenye’s gaze was gentle as he looked at Wen Shiyu, his voice was indescribably affectionate.

Wen Shiyu was touched to the core.

In fact, she also wanted very, very much to meet Feng Shenye sooner.

She knew she couldn’t persuade this man, so she could only explain in detail, “No matter what, take good care of yourself and don’t let me worry.”

Feng Shenye smiled and nodded his head.

In the following days, he became even busier.

Soon, Mu Wanxian also knew that he was working tirelessly during this period of time, and felt that this was the right time for her to show that she was considerate.

So from that day onwards, she made desserts and nutritious soups every day and kept sending them to the Feng Group.

When Feng Shenye looked at Mu Wanxian, who came every day, his patience was diminishing day by day.

But Mu Wanxian didn’t notice any of this.

This day, she came to deliver the dessert as she did a few days ago.

When she entered the office, she saw the handsome man working earnestly at his desk, and her red lips were slightly hooked, raising a nice curve.

“Shen Ye, take a break, I’ve learnt a new soup today, you can try it.”

As she spoke, she placed the food box in her hand on the coffee table and opened it, diligently serving the soup for Feng Shenye.

Feng Shenye wrinkled his brow, his patience was completely exhausted.

He sat in his desk, exuding a cold indifference, “Miss Mu, I think it’s too much of a waste for you to spend all your time doing this kind of thing, and what I want to eat, I can order the chef at home to make it.”

Hearing these words, the smile on Mu Wanxian’s face froze for a moment.

As if he didn’t see it, Feng Shenye continued, “Again, compared to such insignificant matters, it seems that you haven’t solved the problem of the last business case, I hope you will spend all your time on the right path.”

These words were somewhat solid.

Mu Wanxian looked at Feng Shenye with incomparable aggravation, “I …… just want to care about you.”

Could it be that she was acting so obviously that this man still didn’t understand what she was thinking?

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