Always Been Yours Chapter 889

At the end, Wen Shiyu’s eyes were full of admiration, “I think I should pay attention to the cultivation of rendering in the training afterwards.”

Seeing that Wen Shiyu had hit the nail on the head, Sofia nodded her head in satisfaction, “You have made great progress in both your piano skills and musical sense now, but the piece of rendering is still a bit weak, pay good attention to it later.”

Wen Shiyu nodded obediently, indicating that she understood.

Next, the concert continued.

With an attitude of learning, Wen Shiyu listened extraordinarily carefully.

Later in the evening, it was also the sixth group’s turn to perform on stage.

With her violin in hand, Susan followed the players onto the stage with her head held high.

When she stood, she swept her gaze over Wen Shiyu and finally landed on Sofia, her eyes shining with determination.

Tonight, she was going to rock the house and make Sofia recognise her.

Soon, the show began.

Susan sank her teeth into the performance and showed off all that she had learnt in her time.

It can be said that it was a very perfect performance.

And her musical style, which had been integrated into the orchestra, became very harmonious, without losing her own character.

Sofia, as an excellent musician, naturally noticed the change in style of the Sixth Orchestra, and also saw that this change came from Susan, and was slightly surprised.

For she had not expected the girl to have adapted her formative style in such a short period of time.

After her surprise, she guessed that this child should have been instructed by someone.

On the contrary, Wen Shiyu, who was sitting next to her, frowned tightly.

It was because the more she listened to Susan’s performance, the more she felt that this person’s style was similar to Kathleen’s.

Not long after, the Sixth Regiment’s performance was over.

There was a lot of applause.

The members bowed in salute and prepared to go down.

Before leaving, Susan gave a deliberate glance towards Sophia.

Unfortunately, she didn’t see anything and couldn’t help but frown.

Had she not performed well enough just now?

With such reluctance, Susan went backstage.

At this time, the MC came on stage to mobilise the atmosphere, “The team performance is over, haven’t you all heard enough, but it’s okay, we have individual solos below.”

The next performers were all excellent musicians from the various orchestras.

Of course, Marjorie and the others would also perform.

After all, as Sophia’s students, they had a very high calling in the orchestra.

And because of their performances, the atmosphere of the concerts was heightened to the top.

Every performance was a cla*sic.

At this time, Sofia turned her head to look at Wen Shiyu and enquired, “How do you feel about your senior sibling’s performance?”

“It feels like senior brother and sister are too good, I have to study hard and try to catch up with them in the future.”

Wen Shiyu sighed in admiration from the bottom of her heart.

Little Bao’er also nodded her head in agreement next to her, “Bao’er has to work hard too.”

Looking at them being so serious and motivated, Sofia showed a satisfied look.

Later in the evening, it was Wen Shiyu’s turn to perform.

Wen Shiyu went backstage early to get ready.

“Here is the solo performer, Wen Shiyu.”

As the MC spoke, Wen Shiyu walked gracefully onto the stage in a long black dress and on high heels.

The silver stage lights hit her body, making her whole body unbelievably beautiful.

Speaking of which, this was the first time Wen Shiyu had performed in public under the scrutiny of all the orchestra members, and she was also performing her own repertoire, so it was impossible to say that she was not nervous.

However, when she swept her gaze to Feng Shenye and her younger brother in the audience, she seemed to gain courage again.

Especially when she saw little Bao’er excitedly cheering for her from her seat, the last bit of worry in her heart dissipated.

Soon, she set up her violin and the light sound of the instrument poured out.

The gradual melody, sometimes light, sometimes heavy, seemed to tell the story of a couple, from meeting, to misunderstanding, to reconciliation.

The trills, especially in some of the verses, seem like a quarrel between lovers, but after the trills, the melody is sweet and light, which makes you want to stop.

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