Always Been Yours Chapter 896

“When is it your turn to tell me what to do when I do something.”

Karen and Jenny looked at their sister, who knew no wrong, and were a little angry in their hearts.

Seeing this, Marjorie stood out unhappily and said, “They are not qualified, I am qualified to say it, I don’t care what you have in mind, be peaceful in the future and don’t make things difficult for your teacher.”

Eunice’s face was a little unpleasant.

However, she did not dare to choke with her Eldest Brother, and suppressed her anger, “All right, I have a sense of propriety, I don’t need you guys here to teach me how to do things.”

When the others saw this, they secretly shook their heads.

After all, having worked together for so many years, they knew what kind of temperament Eunice had, they couldn’t have known better.

It was clear that Eunice hadn’t listened to them at all.

Sofia could see this too, so she simply gave up her lecture and said, “I don’t care if you’re joking or what, don’t play the same game you used to play outside on your own people, or don’t blame me for being rude.”

Eunice was also a human being, and hearing that her teacher was moved to anger, she immediately behaved herself.

“Don’t worry teacher, I was just joking around, trying to test the waters for my little sister to see if that man was worthy of her trust.”

That was what she said, but in her heart she was still eyeing it up.

She wanted to have that kind of man, too.

At the villa, Wen Shiyu sent the teachers away and immediately frowned.

With two flirtations in a row, it was clear that this second senior sister of hers had developed a strong interest in Feng Shenye.

Thinking about it made her feel uncomfortable.

Feng Shenye’s face wasn’t much better, dark and sullen as anything.

He pulled Wen Shiyu back into the living room and carried her into his arms, admonishing, “Stay away from that woman in the future.”

Wen Shiyu gave a soft hum and squirmed before struggling out of Feng Shenye’s arms.

She raised her head and looked at the man’s handsome and flawless features, and was instantly a little upset.

“You say you, what are you doing looking so good?”

She couldn’t help but raise her hand and gently pinch Feng Shenye’s cheek, eating the taste: “So attractive to butterflies, even after getting married there are still people coveting.”

Feng Shenye couldn’t help but laugh and let Wen Shiyu put her hands on his face, but in his heart, he found the jealous little wife in front of him very cute.

When his little wife had had enough, he re-hugged her back into his arms, lowering his head and coming closer to say, “You’re wrong, other people have nothing to do with me, I only want to recruit you ……”

Hearing the man’s words, Wen Shiyu’s heart was sweet and warm.

She looked at the man’s deep eyes and took the initiative to send a fragrant kiss.


The next morning, the family was having a meal.

The next morning, the family was having dinner. Feng Shenye suddenly said to Wen Shiyu, “After dinner later, you go pack your luggage.”

“Pack your bags, you’re going back?”

Wen Shiyu was a little stunned, and a sense of loss rose in her heart.

Little Bao’er also looked at Feng Shenye reluctantly, “Daddy, why don’t you stay for two more days, Bao’er can’t let you go.”

Feng Shenye lost his smile, knowing that the two had misunderstood, and explained, “I’m not going back, it’s a rare holiday, I want to take you all out to have some fun.”

At this, Little Bao’er changed her previous disappointment and said excitedly, “Great, Daddy will take us out to play.”

Wen Shiyu also breathed a sigh of relief and inquired, “Where are you going to take us to play?”

“How about Milan?”


Wen Shiyu smiled and nodded, “Just in time, I heard from the people in the orchestra that there is a fashion week in Milan in the next few days, so we can go and have a look then.”

Looking at his little wife’s expectant eyes, Feng Shenye readily agreed.

Thus, after breakfast, the family left for the airport.

Before the trip, Feng Shenye had sent Xu Yan to make the itinerary arrangements.

That afternoon, the family arrived in Milan.

After resting for the night, Feng Shenye took Wen Shiyu and Xiao Bao’er on a tour.

The first stop was the Brera Palace of Fine Arts.

It is an art gallery established in 1776 and it has a large collection of paintings by Italian painters such as Raphael, Tintoretto, Verona and Caravaggio among others’ great works.

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