Always Been Yours Chapter 898

She is a well-known bigwig in the fashion world, and is the editor-in-chief of an international fashion magazine.

Hearing this, Wen Shiyu cheerfully thanked her, “Then I’m welcome.”

“No need to be polite.”

Lin Weier had good senses about Wen Shiyu, and found this gentle and soft girl to be comfortable to be around, and therefore treated people as friends.

And somehow, the more she looked at the girl, the more she had the feeling that she had seen her somewhere before.

She just couldn’t remember for a moment and couldn’t help but inquire, “Miss Wen, haven’t we met somewhere before?”

“I don’t think so, this is my first time in Milan.”

Wen Shiyu looked at Lin Weir hesitantly.

Lin Weir frowned, “A wrong memory? But Miss Wen gives me a very familiar feeling.”

Hearing this, Feng Shenye seemed to think of something and explained, “Then you should have seen my wife’s performances or interviews with magazines, my wife is a violinist.”

Lin Weier froze and then remembered, looking at Wen Shiyu with surprise.

“You’re a heavenly girl!”

Wen Shiyu blushed a little at the name and hastily said modestly, “This is all a gimmick given to me by the media, I’m actually not that good.”

“Miss Wen is too modest, I’ve seen the video of your performance, it’s amazing!”

Lin Weier gave a thumbs up to Wen Shiyu and exclaimed, “If I had known that you were the Heavenly Girl, I wouldn’t have invited other guests to perform this time, I would have just let you on stage, your music style fits in perfectly with our theme this time, it’s a pity.”

Because HG brand clothing has always gone for vintage elements, and this fashion week also focuses on cla*sical style.

Wen Shiyu lost her smile, “It doesn’t matter, next time there is a chance, it is possible.”

The meal was a joyful one.

When it was time to part, Wen Shiyu and Lin Weier exchanged contact information with each other.

Perhaps because she had made a new friend, the smile on Wen Shiyu’s face didn’t drop on the way back.

Seeing this, Feng Shenye took her into his arms, lowered his head and leaned in close and whispered, “So happy?”

“Of course, I’ve met a new friend.”

Wen Shiyu smiled and nodded her head.

Feng Shenye looked at the bright smile on her face and his eyes were full of doting.

That evening, just as the family was dining in their room, there was a knock on the door outside.

“Hello, is this Miss Wen Shiyu Wen?”

A young man resembling a butler, wearing a black suit, stood at the door.

Wen Shiyu froze, nodded and said, “You are?”

“Hello Miss Wen, my madam is busy with something, so she asked me to come and deliver your dress for her, my madam is Lin Weier.”

The youth briefly explained his purpose and offered the gown.

Wen Shiyu was a little surprised, but accepted the dress, after all, it was a kind gesture from someone else.

She closed the door and returned to her room with the dress.

Feng Shenye saw the gift box she was holding and immediately went forward to help take it, “So many things, why didn’t you ask me to go over and help you?”

Little Bao’er next to her also came over with a curious look on her face, “Mummy, you bought a present for Bao’er?”

“It’s not a present.”

Wen Shiyu rubbed the soft black hair on top of the little one’s head and explained roughly, “This is the dress that Lin Weier had someone send to the fashion show tomorrow.”

As she spoke, she opened the gift box and found that Lin Weier had prepared thoroughly, not only hers, but also Feng Shenye’s and Little Bao’er’s.

Even her gown came with a pair of delicate flat shoes.

It was obvious that Lin Weir had taken her pregnancy into consideration.

“This Lin Weir is a wonderful person, so thoughtful.”

Looking at the three sets of dresses on the bed that looked like parent-child outfits, Wen Shiyu let out an exclamation.

Feng Shenye stepped forward and wrapped his arm around her waist, smiling lightly, “Don’t care, just thank her properly later.”

“That’s what I said.”

Wen Shiyu nodded gently.


The next afternoon, Lin Weier and her wife picked up Wen Shiyu from the hotel and took them to the show.


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