Always Been Yours Chapter 907

Wen Shiyu nodded, “I know, don’t worry.”

Half an hour later, Lin Weier arrived at the hotel and called Wen Shiyu.

It didn’t take long for Wen Shiyu to appear at the entrance of the hotel, accompanied by Feng Shenye.

When Lin Weier saw the two of them, she could naturally guess why Feng Shenye had appeared.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Feng, I will take good care of Shiyu and won’t tire her out.”

At these words, Feng Shenye nodded and turned his head sideways to Wen Shiyu and explained, “When you’re done, call me, I’ll pick you up, take care of yourself and don’t let me worry.”

“I know, you go back, Bao’er is alone in her room, I’m not at ease.”

Wen Shiyu originally wanted to let Feng Shenye go back, but Feng Shenye insisted on watching her get into the car.

Watching the interaction between the two, Lin Weier was still a little envious.

On the way to meet her sisters, she sighed, “Usually, I see Mr. Feng being cold and icy, but in front of you, he’s like a different person, gentle as can be.”

“He does treat me very well.”

Wen Shiyu nodded her head in recognition of Lin Weir’s words, her heart sweetened.

Arriving at the show, Wen Shiyu met Lin Weir’s sister.

The sister was a typical European, about the same age as Lin Weir, dressed in a smart ladies’ suit, sensual but not overly feminine.

“This is the sister I was telling you about, called Timothy.”

Linville introduced the two to each other, “This is the helper I found for you, Wen Shiyu, a famous violinist in Vienna.”


Wen Shiyu greeted Timothy politely.

Timothy nodded gently, but his brow furrowed.

Linville looked at it and in a tone of fake humour, she teased her friend, “What, are you afraid that our Shiyu is not up to the task?”

And the reason she said that was because she was worried that Wen Shiyu might have misunderstood when she saw the look on her best friend’s face.

“That’s not true, I’m just worried that the violin piece will not fit in with the theme of my show.”

Timothy frankly voiced out the concerns she had in mind.

After all, she was new to this brand and that was why this runway show was very important to her.

Then again, the theme of the show was based on the Wizard of Oz, a more dreamy type, and the unique sound of the piano made her feel a little more in tune with the theme.

Looking at Timothy who was a bit hesitant, Wen Shiyu understood her worry and explained, “Actually you don’t have to worry like that, any music, no matter what instrument is used, it can express the mood you want.”

“Is that so?”

Timothy was a bit sceptical.

Wen Shiyu nodded and said, “If you don’t believe me, why don’t you listen to the piece I’m playing, I believe my ability will be very attached to your request, if not, I can also play the piano again.”

Hearing this, Linvir was a little surprised.

“Shiyu, you still know the piano?”

“Musicians naturally know other instruments, it’s just that I personally prefer the violin.”

Wen Shiyu explained briefly.

However, Lin Weier felt that Wen Shiyu was very impressive.

She looked sideways at her best friend and said helpfully, “Or else you can let Timothy try the violin first, and if you don’t feel satisfied, we can switch to the piano.”

Timothy pondered for a moment and eventually nodded his head.

After all, there was no better way at the moment.

“Then you guys come with me, I’ll take you to the venue.”

When they entered the venue, the scene was already set up, very beautiful and exquisite, as if it was a forest in a fairy tale.

Soon, Wen Shiyu took the stage with her violin.

In a short while, the soulful sound of the violin surrounded the venue, sometimes cheerful, sometimes melodious.

Both Timothy and Linville were mesmerised.

Although there was no model on the stage, the beautiful sound of the violin already made their minds conjure up an incomparable macroscopic scene that they were looking forward to.

When the song was over, Wen Shiyu looked at the two who were still immersed in the music and felt a sense of achievement.

When she came back to her senses, Lin Weier was already overwhelmed by Wen Shiyu’s zither sound and praised her vigorously, “What you played was just too good, worthy of being a heavenly maiden!”

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