Always Been Yours Chapter 909

“I’ll take this dress.”

“I want it too.”

“So many people want it, then we’ll have the usual rules, the highest bidder wins.”

Two hours later, the show was coming to an end.

Timothy let Wen Shiyu finish her performance early and returned backstage.

When she saw Wen Shiyu, she went up and explained, “When the show ends later, you and I will come out together.”

Wen Shiyu was a little surprised.

But before she could ask, Timothy smiled and explained, “The dress you are wearing is my finale dress for this show.”

At this point, Wen Shiyu was even more stunned.

She hadn’t expected Timothy to do such a thing.

The finale dress was not to be worn by the model, but on her instead, would this have any effect on the show?

Perhaps seeing Wen Shiyu’s doubts, Timothy deliberately sold a story and smiled, “Whether it has an effect or not, you’ll know in a moment.”

Not long after, the excited voice of the host came from the stage.

“Here comes our designer, Ms. Timothy, and her flower fairy.”

The host’s words were accompanied by soulful and rousing music on stage.

Seeing this, Timothy sidled up to Wen Shiyu and extended her hand, smiling, “Come on, my flower fairy.”

Wen Shiyu smiled, but nonetheless put her hand up graciously.

Before long, the two stood on the stage under the applause of the crowd.

Although this was the first time that Wen Shiyu walked the catwalk, her performance was not at all inferior to those professional models.

In addition, she herself had a ladylike temperament, making people feel comfortable just by looking at her.

In the audience, little Bao’er was very excited to see her mommy on stage, “Daddy, look at mommy on stage.”

Feng Shenye nodded his head and stared intently at his delicate little wife on the stage.

At this point, Timothy began to make her speech.

Only she hadn’t said a few words before some members of the audience couldn’t wait and took the initiative to ask after the dress on Wen Shiyu.

“Ms Timothy, can you introduce us to the dress of the model beside you?”

“Of course.”

Timothy readily agreed, but did not immediately explain, instead introducing Wen Shiyu first.

“This Miss Wen, is not a model I hired, she is a violinist, and the gown she is wearing is the only high-fashion gown that took the longest time and the most care in my hands, called the Fairy Tale.”

After about a few words, Timothy suddenly turned his head and winked at Wen Shiyu.

The look seemed to say, “Look at all the people who have the heart to appreciate the beauty of the gown.

Wen Shiyu froze for a moment and then understood what she was trying to say and smiled.

Later in the evening, the show came to a successful conclusion.

Wen Shiyu followed Timothy backstage.

She had just changed into her own clothes and came out when Timothy dragged her to thank her.

“It’s thanks to you for coming to the rescue this time, otherwise I would have had to open this show.”

“It’s just a small thing.”

Wen Shiyu didn’t care.

But Timothy didn’t think so.

She was very grateful to Wen Shiyu and invited her to the celebration party.

It was hard to resist her hospitality, so Wen Shiyu had to agree, intending to go through the motions and then go back.

After all, she had just played the violin on stage for almost two hours without stopping, and was really too tired.


The next morning, news about the fashion show had spread around the world.

While people were focused on the beautiful fashions, it was the fact that Timothy almost opened the sky and was finally helped by a friend who saved the day that kept them entertained.

This is because some media outlets are promoting it as a gimmick.

As a result, Wen Shiyu was also in the news, and was even recognised by many as the violinist ‘Heavenly Girl’ who was famous some time ago.

The next morning, Wen Shiyu washed up and went out, and was greeted by the cheerful voice of little Bao’er.

“Mummy, you’re on the news.”

The little one excitedly ran to Wen Shiyu with her mobile phone.

Wen Shiyu froze and picked up her phone to check it, and found that there were many news reports on the internet about yesterday’s fashion show.


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