Always Been Yours Chapter 914

“At the end of last year, I met Senior Hathaway by chance and was also guided by her before I made the progress I made later.”

“So that’s how it is.”

Eunice heard that there were no loopholes, and did not pursue the matter any further.

Immediately, she turned her words around and asked with a twinkle in her eyes, “What did you hear them say about Wen Shiyu in Hathaway’s band?”

In fact, she wanted to ask Feng Shenye, but it was too deliberate to say so, so she could only hold back the curiosity in her heart.

How could Su Shan not see what she was thinking in her heart and mockingly hooked the corners of her mouth, “They didn’t really say anything, they just said that Wen Shiyu had married a good husband.”

She deliberately brought the topic around to Feng Shenye to satisfy Eunice’s mind.

Eunice didn’t even notice and pretended to be curious, “Hearing you say that, in Hathaway’s band, there are quite a few people who envy Wen Shiyu, just what is so good about this Mr. Feng?”

“I’m not sure about the specifics, but this Mr. Feng, I heard, has an incomparable status, is talented, and most obviously handsome and wealthy, and he also loves his wife and children very much.”

Susan praised Feng Shenye in all sorts of ways, describing the man as perfect.

Eunice listened to her heart swell and felt more and more that this man was to her liking.

Susan took in all of Eunice’s expressions, and there was a shining light at the bottom of her eyes.

“Actually, in that case, Wen Shiyu is indeed blessed to have found a man of the people like Mr Feng as her husband.”

She deliberately seduced Eunice, the smile on her face not reaching the bottom of her eyes.

And Eunice was indeed a little jealous of Wen Shiyu.

A perfect man like that should be better matched with a good and outstanding woman like herself.

As she thought about it, she couldn’t help but compliment, “Mr Feng is indeed a perfect partner to make one’s heart flutter.”

As soon as the words left her mouth, she was a little chagrined.

Because those words had manifested all her thoughts.

She raised her eyes towards Susan, with a look of scrutiny, as if she was gauging whether Susan had understood what she had just said or not.

Sensing this, Susan pretended not to understand anything and agreed, “If my future husband can be half as good as Mr Feng, I will be satisfied.”

Although she saw what Younis was thinking and intended to make more use of it, she had to play the good guy, so she was not prepared to show anything more than that at this point.

Eunice was not at all aware that she was being reckoned with.

She was pleased to see Susan’s innocent look, “Go back to your training and come and ask me if you don’t understand something later.”

“Okay, thank you senior Eunice.”

Susan thanked gratefully and turned to leave.

Only the moment she turned around, the look on her face became eerie.

Back in the orchestra, Susan turned back to her harmless appearance.

The others saw her and greeted her with smiles.

“Susan’s here.”

“Good morning.”

Susan responded one by one.

She was more popular in the band now than she had been in Hathaway’s band back then because of her good disguise.

Walking over to her colleagues who usually played better, she inquired curiously, “What were you guys talking about just now?”

“The headmaster just sent a notice for us to stay for a meeting in the evening after training, and we guessed it had to do with the selection of the principal violinist.”

The colleague spoke generally about the topic they had just discussed.

Recently, their sixth regiment had been announced to be officially established, except for the chief violinist, who had been undecided.

Talking about it, the others followed suit and talked about it.

“Susan, you’ve always been the best in the group, I think you must be the one to take the chief position.”

“It’s definitely Susan’s. Although the position has never been decided, the headmaster has been training Susan to be the chief.”

“Susan, you must take care of us when you become chief.”

The crowd complimented Susan.

Of course it was impossible to say that they were not jealous of Susan.

But they knew very well that the difference between their strength and Susan’s was too great, so even if they were jealous, they hid it in their hearts.

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